A little perspective ...

As fans, we want to say our team is the best, or we have the best RB in the league, or we have the best QB in the league. We feel an attachment to the team and to specific players and we want them to be the best. Is it pride? Is it a sense of belonging? I don't know.

We hear "Sam Bradford is just average." "James Laurinitis is the 2nd best linebacker on the team." "Steven Jackson has lost a step." "Brandon Gibson isn't a #1 WR."

I say, "So what?"

I will also say this: our St Louis Rams don't have the best anybody.

... and that's just fine.

Adrian Peterson is arguably the best runningback in the league. He's also probably watching the playoffs from home.

The Atlanta Falcons don't have the best anybody either...yet they are close to having home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

The New England Patriots have arguably the best head coach AND the best quarterback but have twice now been defeated in the SuperBowl by a New York Giants teams that also didn't have the best anything.

As we start looking to the upcoming offseason and begin to talk about the draft, I often hear talk about how we can't keep trading down. We need top talent. This is shortsighted.

Football is a team sport. No single player(not even an elite quarterback) wins a Superbowl on their own. Superbowl teams are built mostly through the draft with some Free Agent seasoning thrown in here and there. One simply does not buy a Superbowl. This isn't baseball. This isn't soccer.

With an above average GM and an above average head coach, more draft picks improves our team faster and more reliably than higher draft picks. Once our team is full (starters and depth) with above average talent and that above average talent learns to play together on the same page, you'll see what is called synergy.

When the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, you'll see the Rams knocking on the Superbowl's door.

The time for patience is over. It is now time for a change in perspective. Our Rams went through a paradigm shift and many of us missed it.

I didn't. Did you?

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