Mock Draft 2013 with reasons why Fisher will draft O line early

Mock draft season has started it seems. Hopefully we pull off a miracle and make it into the playoffs but this is assuming we do not make the playoffs and that the Redskins do. Our draft spot is around 18 and the Redskins is around 23. (NOTE: this does not factor in free agency or trades.) First when making this mock draft I had a clear focus on improving the offense. I did this in two ways: Improve the O line and find weapons for Bradford. To find weapons for Bradford, I did not go with the "best" Wide Receiver, but the one that matches Bradford's skills the best. I believed this to be speed and route running. We also need to improve in the Redzone so i looked for receivers who are tall, good hands, and body control.

1A: Eric Fisher (OT) Central Michigan (Right tackle with big upside.)

1B: Kenny Vaccaro (S) Texas (Great cover safety but not the best tackler. Fisher will improve this area)

2: Larry Warford (OG) Kentucky (Great guard prospect who excels in both run and pass blocking.)

3: Stedman Bailey (WR) West Virginia (Reported 4.4 forty time and runs good routes with good hands.)

4: Marquis Wilson (WR) Washington State (Borderline first round prospect until off the field issues. Great hands and body control. Ok route running but will improve. good red zone target.)

5: Marcus Lattimore (RB) South Carolina (First round runningback with two major knee injuries. He would not need to play this year as i think we will resign Jackson.)

6: Joe Vellano (DT) Maryland (Great college player but does not have the size yet to continue playing D line. If he adds weight he could be a real steal.)

7: Ray Ray Armstrong (S) N/A (All the physical talent, but has yet to show it can translate to production. Off the field concerns drop him here for a low risk high reward kind of player.)

Why will Fisher draft O line early? Our oline sucks. Since Fisher has been a head coach here are the numbers for the number of sacks allowed on the leading passer on his team for that year. Not including 1994 because he took over during the year.

1995- 21

1996- 25

1997- 31

1998- 33

1999- 16

2000- 24

2001- 37

2002- 21

2003- 19

2004- 30

2005- 20

2006- 25

2007- 25

2008- 8

2009- 9

2010- 13

That's an average of 22.3 sacks a season.

Bradford on the other hand has been sacked

2010- 34

2011- 36

2012- 35

That's an average of 35 sacks a season

There are still 2 games left this season. Only one year did Fisher's team give up more sacks than we have currently and there are still two games this season. Fisher knows this is a passing league and while he has a knack for finding and developing late round linemen, Bradford does not have that kind of time. He is taking too much punishment from opposing Dlinemen and won't last if he gets sacked 35 times a season. I believe Fisher knows this and will draft O line early to protect Bradford.

(*All stats according to

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