What the hell were they thinking?!!! Brian Quick breakdown from a Rams fan



By now, like many of you, as a fan I was wondering, did we strike out with Brian Quick? Was that a bad pick? Why isn't he producing? Why isn't he doing what "we" thought he would?

Yeah I heard the comparisons just like you, "He is reminiscent of Terrell Owens" and yadda yadda, so on and so forth. At this time though, during this portion of the season, I was getting impatient. I finally had to ask aloud, "What the hell were they thinking when the Rams picked this guy this high?"

So the break down began - from a football fan perspective and a Rams fan perspective. Let's try to see what the coaches saw, compare it with what we have seen so far and try to find some patience for the young man out of Appalachian State.

Brian Quick vs Virginia Tech 2011 (via JMPasq)

I did a search on YouTube for Mr. Quick and decided to start with the shortest video. So look at the video and stop it right at 32 seconds. See that move? That is a play maker! There you see his vision, his strength and his toughness. Now hit play. Now stop at 1:06. That's where we see a little of what Les Snead and Fisher saw in this young man. He WILL fight for a touchdown.

Now the bad news. I noticed that he's not the smoothest route runner in the world, yet. The ball security could be better. At times is was just too relaxed for me. He's definitely not a finesse WR - that's to say that he is more of a Dez Bryant ( minus all the angry man all day syndrome) kinda guy then a Reggie Wayne kinda guy.

So why hasn't that transpired to the field yet? Quite frankly I have no idea. I don't know what it's like to go from Appalachian State to a multi-billion dollar industry. I don't know what it's like to be making more money than any one else in potentially my family has ever made in their lives let along my short one. I don't know what kind of things mess with a young man's mind going out and playing for a coach of Jeff Fisher's magnitude. I have not the foggiest of how to muddle through a professional playbook and remember all that is required of a professional football player within those plays. Bottom line is, when taking all of those things in consideration, I can also look at what is happening on the team today.

1. He's not behaving on the team like some of the other rooks (ahem whose name rhymes with Titus Young, oops)

2. He's trying but he's obviously having a hard time figuring out this pro WR thing

3. He has the tools, talent and drive to be better

4. He seems to appreciate his opportunity

5. He wants to do well for the coaches and his team

So now let's look at what the possible outcome will be. This weekend we play this Vikings and we could truly use a break out game from Pettis, Gibby, Chris "Give-it-all-ya-got" Givens, but most of all the X-Factor. We could use a little more of what we saw on his first touchdown.

The game, which ended in a tie with the Niners, was when I saw a glimpse of what I hope lies in the future of Mr. Quick. A powerful jam at the line on the CB covering him, he got wide open, catches a tight spiral from Sam Bradford, then powers down the field for a TD while carrying another CB. That's the Xfactor for this weekend!

Danny Amendola is still hurt but you already know he might be on the field. Feats of wonder occur with that man, so that goes without saying.

Even still, I like the way that the coaching staff is bringing him along. They are giving him more in the game plan each week, but seem to be careful not to let him bite off more than he can chew and lose confidence in himself. For Mr. Quick, that is his Xfactor. The coaching staff of the Rams. They have experience, they know talent and after consideration of all these things, I would have to find a little more patience for Mr. Quick and his plight. I will toast the day he does break of the the shell that is youngster and put on those "big boy pants" that Pro Bowlers wear. That's my break down. What do you think?

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