When is the last time you felt this Rams pride?



Yeah this one should be big enough to watch the game, now move your chairs over here!

Imagine if all of the Rams fans in the world could get together in one huge den with a 15 story sized HDTV for game day, I would love to ask all of us, when is the last time you felt like this?

When was the last time you could smile when that Raiders or Packers fan from work says to you in passing, "Looks like the Rams mean business this year?"

Minnesota, Tampa Bay and Seattle (part deux, LOL), trust me, they will not sleep or question what St. Louis is bringing to the party. Our DLine has gained a rep and the last three games they have done nothing but prove that the rep is true.

Words like 'relevant' and 'playoffs' are actually being spoken of when commentators start speaking about the St. Louis Rams.


Can't speak for everyone else in this imaginary den, but for me, it feels real good to know that when an opposing OC sees us on the schedule, they know to prepare and prepare well.

It also feels good to be mentioned in the same company as our coach. A real coach with real 'skin in tha game'. He's not only a longtime NFL coach, but also a former player. He's respected and carries swag that has been unknown to us for a very long time. This piece on STLToday says it all.

More than anything else, do you see the players fight? Do you see those men fight, scrape and dig to make plays until the very end? Hell at first I was mad that Janoris Jenkins was giving a cushion of 15 yards, but HE'S TRYING TO MAKE A PLAY ON THE BALL! Yeah I know it's not a smart move letting your opposing WR's have a 15 yards. He's getting coached up on that yet look over the whole field and you will see players wanting to do anything they can for the team. You even have guys talking about actually wanting to be here and play for this organization. Just uncommon things are happening in Rams nation and I'm excited about it! About our future in the hands of the new regime!

Would I love for the Rams to be winning more games? Sure. Would I like to see more explosive plays from our offense? Sure. Yet nothing can take anything from the wins that have been garnered so far.

Along with all of this, Jeff Fisher and Co are doing this with ROOKIES!

This whole change is something that is both fantastic and life threatening in the same breath. Why? Cause in one moment you the see the rookie mistake and then in the next quarter you see a glimpse of potential professional football genius occur that makes you jump right outta ya seat! It's an emotional roller coaster to the nth degree.

Yet, you know what? I LOVE IT!! Rams organization, thank you for bringing real football back to the 'Lou'!

Feels real good to have that Rams pride back!

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