10 Mid/Late Round Receivers that could be potential Steals for the Rams

In 2011 the Raiders got a late round steal in 5th round receiver Denarius Moore who could have an 1,000 yard season this year, in 2012 the Rams got a steal of their own in 4th round pick Chris Givens of Wake Forest, who originally was projected for the 2nd round which he has certainly played like ! From watching the SEC Championship I got the idea out of the Blue for a Receivers thread, I think that the Later round receivers are the ones that are more interesting since we already know so much about the receivers at the top.



#1. Cobi Hamilton

Cobi Hamilton had lofty expectations for himself comming into the year for Arkansas. With 3 receivers in the NFL from last years Arkansas team, it looked as if the task too be the #1 receiver would be on Hamilton's shoulders alone and he in my opinion proved he could handle all the attention, Hamilton at times has been red hot this season, he's 6'3 has burner speed with a 4.4 forty. He was projected to possibly be a first rounder last year, but due to giving up on plays and other receivers rising his stock has slipped some, Cobi Hamilton and Terrence williams are near twins, so Hamilton would be a steal if gotten around the 4th round. Watch Hamilton burn Logan Ryan for a TD in the 4th-5th play



#2. Brandon Coleman

If your looking for a prospect thats got traits simillar to Detroits Calvin Johnson, than Rutger's Brandon Coleman would be that guy ! Brandon Coleman is 6'6 with pretty good speed 4.5 , he shows the ability to get open consistently and has great ball skills. Although I'm not sure that Coleman will enter this draft, scouts have said that he has been Rising lately because of his play, going from not even in draft consideration he'll be a draft worthy prospect entering this year, he could possibly go as high as the 4th round but thats wishful thinking, I would expect Coleman too be a 2nd round pick if he stayed and possibly a late first rounder. check out the TD at 45



#3. Marquess Wilson

Washington State's Marquess Wilson has slid big time, because of the fact that he quit the Cougar's team. But before that Wilson was considered a most likely late first round pick. But now will most likely slide to the 5th Round Range ! Wilson has capable speed but what has the scouts going crazy are his ball hawking skills and his playmaking ability. Wilson has tremendous size at 6'4, and has made some spectacular catches, if I had to make a comparison i'd say he reminds me of a young dwayne bowe, but i truly believe Wilson can be much better in the Nfl ! but another player in college he reminds me of is justin hunter ! Highlights -->



#4. Markus Wheaton

Oregon State is host to a deadly Wide Receiver duo this year of Markus Wheaton and Brandon Cooks. Markus Wheaton though is the more talented of the duo and has SPEED to burn,Wheaton reportedly runs in the 4.3's and even beat Oregon's D'anthony Thomas in a race. We can assume that he's pretty happy right now after a 77-3 win over Nicholas State but i bet he's probably very happy at the 3rd-4th round grade that he's been given by some scouts, Wheaton is an absolute play maker and he can burn any DB any time any place, If i'd have to say a comparison to a receiver i'd say Wheaton reminds me of the NYG's Victor Cruz. Don't think because of his speed that he's a one dimensional guy he has much, much more developed route running skills than our own Chris Givens. Here's some highlights --> lightning in a bottle O_O !!



#5. Jordan Matthews

Vanderbilt's Jordan Matthews is one of the most underrated receivers in the country ! The SEC has a spectacular group of receivers this year and Matthews is one of them. Matthews had a solid campaign in 2011 but this year he has certainly broke out, whenever you watch the Vanderbilt commodores their's one player that just always stands out when you watch a game, and its Matthews when I watched myself I kept asking who is this receiver that keeps making all these spectacular catches ? and why haven't I really heard of him before ? pretty soon everyone will know Matthews name, he's not only improved statistically but when you watch his tape this year compared to last year you see that this year he's faster, bigger and stronger improved in every category. He's 6'2 has 4.5ish speed, and makes tough catches, and I know I might get alot of backlash but i'd say he at times has Jerry Riceish like qualities. Here's a Jerry Rice like circus catch he made his freshman year -> here's some highlights this season against S.CAR ->



#6. Aaron Dobson

Many Scouts believe Marshall's Aaron Dobson is a special player ! At 6'3 and 205 pouns dobson has great size, but he utilizes that size by using his strength to snatch the ball out the air for deep plays. He has respectable speed, but what people love are the wild catches that he makes, and the big plays he consistently makes. many people believe that in time he could develop into a solid starter in the nfl. A current NFL player that Dobson reminds me of is Tampa Bay's Vincent Jackson. If he could become half of what Jackson is he could become a solid player in the league. Here's a spectacular catch by Dobson -> and some film against Fl Int'l ->



#7. Quinton Patton

Lousiana Tech's Quinton Patton has been a fast riser this season. His play this season has gotten him into solid draft consideration and rightfully so ! He first exploded onto the national scene in a 200-300 yard performance against the SEC's Texas A&M. He is 6'2 , 210 pounds and has 4.5 speed. What Scouts love about Patton is his playmaking ability, he knows how to get open, perform under clutch situations, and has Sticky Hands and the best part of his game possibly being that he can make defenders miss and create the big play. People often judge a player on the way they impact their team and if it weren't for Patton La. Tech probably wouldn't be a 2 loss team and have gotten into the AP Top 25 a couple times this season. Watch how Patton effects his team in a game against Texas A&M -> Patton currently has a 4th-5th round grade on him.



#8. Aaron Mellette

Elon's Aaron Mellete is a player who hasn't gotten as much coverage because of the small fcs school he's come from, but no one can deny that he doesn't have Big time talent, Mellet is 6'3 and 200 pounds, and is widely considered the best receiver in the FCS. He can get open on the fly, has good hands and makes the best out of his position although he suffers because of bad Quarterback play, what people like the most is Elon's 4.45 speed which will certainly have eyes looking his way come draft day, he will most likely be a project like our own Brian Quick but he also has a ton of upside and is projected to go much lower and in the 5th-6th round area. Check him out against applachian state ->



#9. Mark Harrison

Rutger's Mark Harrison is another underrated receiver just like teamate Brandon Coleman.He's a stud though and probably deserves to be higher up on this list. I've been watching some Rutger's football this year and have been WOW'd by them both. Coleman and Harrison have quitely established themselves as one of the best receiver duo's in the country. Harrison is another big one at 6'3 and 220 pounds.But would I like the most about Harrison is that for his size he has some speed reportedly running a 4.44 Forty yard dash and it definately shows up on tape. He can break tackles with ease and requires a cushion because he's shifty enough too put you on your back and be on his way too a touch down. Harrison reminds me of a Jordy Nelson type somewhat and has TE like qualities with the way he run blocks, their isnt really a good comparison but I think he's a great player though. Not alot of film on him but check out these highlights ->



#10. Keenan Davis

Iowa had receiver Marvin Mcnutt get drafted last year and now Keenan will most likely do the same, Keenan at 6'3 210 pounds has the size of "todays" nfl receiver. Keenan Davis's stats have been hurt by the down year that Iowa is having with Keenan only having about 450 yards but still getting in the endzone about 5 times. This season we've seen flashes with Keenan making big plays against some of the better competition, Keenan looks like he has the potential to become a contributing receiver in the NFL better than what the Rams have at some spots in their receiver corps atleast ! He knows how to seperate and find the soft spot in coverage, and would make any NFL team happy to have him on their roster. overall i would say that he would make for solid depth. Highlights ->

HONORABLE MENIONS: T1. T.J Moe Missouri T1. Tevin Reese Baylor 2. Texas A&M Ryan Swope 3. L'damien Washington Missouri 4. Denard Robinson 5. Marcus Davis VA. Tech 6. Markus Lucas Missouri 7. Emory Blake Auburn 8. Alec Lemon syracuse 9. Russel Sheppard LSU 10. Josh Boyce TCU



That's all guys ! Make sure you guys recommend and comment, spent about 3 Hours working on gathering information and putting this together ! I'm hoping this could be what I need to get front page consideration ! Welp back too K. State vs. Texas so peace out !

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