Armchair GM

At the midpoint in the season, it's very early to play fantasy GM, but that doesn't change the fact that it's always a fun thing to do! As such, here are the moves I would make if given the opportunity. **Disclaimer: There are many games to still be played. No one knows what injuries will occur. No one knows for sure what the final draft positions will be. No one knows what players will actually be available. So what?! :)


We get Washington's first rounder (7) and our own (8). No college players described herein get injured. There are no franchise tags in play.


1) Whether he is cut or negates his contract and moves on, SJax will not be a Ram next season (2013 cap hit $7 million).

2) Bradley Fletcher is not re-signed.

3) Quintin Mikell is cut (2013 cap hit $9 million).

4) I will re-sign D Amendola if he'll do something along the lines of 3/15. He's certainly not worth a franchise tag (around $10mil). If we can't agree to a contract, he's gotta move along.

Big Free Agency Acquisition

1) Jairus Byrd FS


1) At pick 1.7, we draft Keenan Allen WR.

2) We trade pick 1.8. I'm guessing (based on last year's trade w/ the Cowboys) we need to drop around 10 spots in order to gain an additional second rounder. So, we drop from 1.8 to 1.18 and add a 2.18. At 1.18 we draft Barrett Jones G/T/C.

3) With pick 2.8 we take Kenny Vaccaro S.

4) At pick 2.18 we select Sean Porter OLB.

5) With 3.8, it's Ricky Wagner OT.

6) At this point, I would look to take BPA across the board. I would lean to a CB w/ the 4th rounder as we will need a new dime back. I'd lean to a RB with the 5th.


If we worked our offseason according to this script, we would have a new wide receiver, two new safeties, a new outside linebacker, and two new offensive linemen. Given how early each player in this scenario is chosen, I would hope each of them could start. To be fair, Porter and Wagner might need a year to develop. At the worst, they would provide excellent depth.

So, what do you think? Would you alter the strategy? Would you focus on different positions? Would you select different players?

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