Ranking The Rams Weakest Positions

Let's get to business - Jamie McDonald

It's the midway point of the St. Louis Rams season. Barring another injury, or players stepping up, these three positions have been the Rams Achilles heel all season.

The St. Louis Rams have surprised this season, even though the team is 3-5, they could easily be 4-4, or even 5-3. The coaching has been the key to the Rams success, because the Rams have glaring holes.

With as many losing seasons as the Rams have had since the "Greatest Show On Turf" days, the last thing fans want to hear is that it will take a couple of years, before the Rams are on par with teams like the Packers or Patriots

However, that's how the NFL works. The season isn't over, but the Rams aren't good enough to be contenders for any title, yet. Which is why I decided to rank the three positions that I think is the weakest, and should be upgraded after the season.

1. Offensive Line

You have to feel bad for Sam Bradford, he spent the majority of last season on his back, getting sacked 36 times in just 10 games. This year, Sam Bradford as only been sacked 23 times, but the tight ends have been blocking more, and Sam Bradford has been using his mobility to escape sacks.

In Defense of Sam Bradford (via RamsONDEMAND)

Granted the Rams lost starting left tackle Rodger Saffold and starting center Scott Wells, early in the season, but the offensive line needs help.

Is Saffold left tackle, right tackle or a guard? I think the Rams will be okay with Wells and right guard Harvey Dahl starting, but then you have right tackle Barry Richardson and most likely left guard Robert Turner, when Well's is healthy. The Rams can and most likely should upgrade from those two players.

If players like Shelley Smith and Joe Barksdale stay on the roster, they will have a good amount of depth.

2. Wide Receiver

Sam Bradford really needs help from his weapons. Danny Amendola is a good wide reciever and the Rams should re-sign him, after the season. Chris Given's has also become a big part of the offense, he still needs to improve, but he's been a good deep threat.

After those two everything else is question marks. Brandon Gibson has shown that he can help the offense, maybe not be depended on, on every third or fourth down, but he's a solid wide receiver. Brian Quick is raw, but I'm assuming the Rams will slowly keep increasing his reps.

Austin Pettis and Steve Smith, honestly are expendable right now. If the Rams let Gibson walk, then I think Pettis will fit into Gibson's spot, but I just don't see the upside in these two players.

3. Safety

Craig Dahl isn't the only reason that the Rams defense has declined the last couple of games, but he's a part of it. Honestly, he would be a good box safety, playing close to the line and acting like a linebacker covering on short plays, but the Rams apparently don't have anyone else to play safety.

Darion Stewart hasn't been anywhere to be seen, and since the Rams have declined to start Stewart, you have to figure that either he doesn't know the defense, or that they trust Dahl more either way, the Rams need a play maker in the back end of the defense, and he doesn't seem to be on the roster.

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