Playoff chances for Teams still in the hunt.

Welcome Ram fans and all alike. I must admit that it has been some time since I have last logged on to this site, much has to due with adjusting to the new site look. either way, I thought it might be a good idea to come back with a post looking at the Rams chances at getting into the playoffs, as well as all NFC teams still in the hunt at this point. So I'll start with the St. Louis Rams.

Division leaders: Atlanta Falcons(11-1), San Fransisco 49ers(8-2-1), Chicago Bears(8-3), New York Giants(7-4)

Current Wild Card Spots: Green Bay Packers(7-4), Seattle Seahawks (6-5)

I would like to explain here that the Seahawks would win a tie-breaker with the Bucs because of their conference record and since they beet the Vikings, hold a tie-breaker with them as well.

Still in the hunt: Tampa Bay Buccaneers(6-5), Minnesota Vikings(6-5), Washington Redskins(5-6), Dallas Cowboys(5-6), New Orleans Saints(5-7), St. Louis Rams(4-6-1), Detroit Lions(4-7), Arizona Cardinals(4-7), Carolina Panthers(3-8), Philadelphia Eagles(3-8).

St. Louis Rams Remaining schedule: vs. San Fransisco, @ Buffalo, vs. Minnesota, @ Tampa Bay, @ Seattle

It is nice to see that the Rams are still ahead of four other teams in the hunt for the playoffs. Simple really, if the Rams win out, with their last game being against the Seahawks, they clinch the 6th wild card spot with a 9-6-1 record. Easy right? Also a nice note, if the Niners lose out, the highest seed possible will be 3rd. Wouldn't that be nice.

Green Bay Packers remaining schedule: vs. Minnesota, vs. Detroit, @Chicago, vs. Tennessee, @Minnesota

It is the Packers playoff spot to lose. With 2 tough match ups against division rival Minnesota and division leader Chicago, the Packers spot in the playoffs don't seem quite as certain as though it may seem. They must win 3 to GUARANTEE a spot.

Seattle Seahawks remaining schedule:@Chicago, vs. Arizona, @Buffalo, vs. San Fransisco, vs. St. Louis

3 division games in the remaining 5 weeks don't help Seattle win out, even though there all in Seattle. The Bears is possibly their toughest game remaining it being on the road. The 6th playoff spot is not a guarantee.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers remaining schedule: @Denver, vs. Philadelphia, @New Orleans, vs. St. Louis, @Atlanta

Here is a fun fact about the Bucs this season, of their 6 wins, only 1 was against a team with a winning record. Which was against the Vikings in case you were curious.

Minnesota Vikings remaining schedule: @Green Bay, vs. Chicago, @St. Louis, @Houston, vs. Green Bay

4 of 5 games against teams with a winning record, and only 1 win against a team with a winning record this season.

Washington Redskins remaining schedule: vs. New York, vs. Baltimore, @Cleveland, @Philadelphia, vs. Dallas

The Redskins have a good shot at making the playoffs this season, and probably have a better chance than both the Bucs and Vikings given their remaining schedule.

Dallas Cowboys remaining schedule: vs. Philadelphia, @Cincinnati, vs. Pittsburgh, vs. New Orleans, @Washington

With only 2 wins against teams with winning records, both coming before week 4, they have a tough schedule ahead of them, where they must win out to have a decent shot at a playoff spot.

New Orleans Saints remaining schedule: @Giants, vs. Tampa Bay, @Dallas, vs. Carolina

Their best possible record possible is 9-7, with tough games in their next 3 match-ups, Spag's defense has to step up or the Saints have no shot at the playoffs.

Detroit Lions remaining schedule: vs. Indianapolis, @Green Bay, @Arizona, vs. Atlanta, vs. Chicago

The Lions must win out to have a shot, and facing 4 teams in the top 10 in power rankings will not make it easy.

Arizona Cardinals remaining schedule: @Jets, @Seattle, vs. Detroit, vs. Chicago, @San Fransisco

Currently on a 7 game losing streak, an extreme long shot to turn things around. Winning their remaining schedule and an extra loss for the Seahawks, Vikings and Bucs is their only hope at playoffs.

Carolina Panthers remaining schedule: @Kansas City, vs. Atlanta, @San Diego, vs. Oakland, @New Orleans

Atlanta is the only team they face with a winning record. Still they need Seattle, and the rest of the teams ahead of them to lose a couple in order to make it, including beating the rest of the teams on their schedule.

Philadelphia Eagles remaining schedule: @Dallas, @Tampa Bay, vs. Cincinnati, vs. Washington, @Giants

Currently on a 7 game losing streak, they have some tough match-ups for the remainder of the season, the least likely team to make the playoffs, and a loss would take them out of the hunt.

Seeing how the Rams are an NFC team, I did only the NFC. If I get some requests, I'll do AFC as well. Just let me know guys, I'll Hook you up.

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