A Look at the First Round

It's about that time of the year where fans of teams start looking at the upcoming draft, deciding who they'd like to be on their "respective teams' after it's all over. This happens more with teams in our Rams position, teams that most likely won't make the playoffs although I am well aware that we still have some kind of chance. So my idea is instead of telling you exactly who I want in standard draft post form, I'll go through positions detailing who I would want or if we don't need said position in the first round then of course explain why I don't think so.



Quarter Back - The Rams simply don't even need to explore this option. If not because Sam has the talent to be a great QB in this league but go no further then the talent in this upcoming draft, I detailed why it's not up to par in my last post. There just isn't a Quarterback in this draft that is as good as Sam is or was coming out of college. There isn't a Luck, RG3 or even a Cam Newton in this draft that could even warrant the talking of this being a real discussion. Barkley would have probably been better served to come out last season and I don't think is even worth a top 5 pick. Then it all goes downhill from there.

Running Back - I was before the beginning of the season and I still am on the Marcus Lattimore bandwagon, the guy can just ball. Now I know he just had his second season ending injury earlier this season for the second straight season but I think his talent warrants at the least a late first round pick if we were to trade down with a greedy team who's just eager to jump up. This isn't far outside of the question considering the massive cluster fuck that was the NFL draft last season and it could get even worse. The best part about picking him up in the later part of the first round is the fact that we already have Steven Jackson who could groom him and show him what it means to be a great running back in this league. That would set up one hell of a running back group with Marcus, Richardson, and Pead in the future after Jackson is gone. With the advancements in surgery and seeing how Peterson came back form his injury, it wouldn't be out of the picture to say he could start the season.

Wide Receiver - I have been a great advocate for getting a #1 receiver for Sam for years. First it was Julio Jones who got snatched in the top 10 then it was Blackmon who we were leap frogged to get and if all sources are correct, Fisher want to get him. This season I'm saying maybe, just maybe we don't need to. Listen, Givens seems to be coming into his own as the season has progressed and has even showed that he can do more than just go deep, he could be a great play maker if he continues to get better which there isn't a reason he shouldn't. Of course, we have Amendola, although overrated at times by our fan base is still an above average slot receiver who Sam trusts. After that is where my trepidation comes, who else is going to step up. If draft position is correct it should be Quick who has showed a flash this season but that's about it. Gibson, who I don't even want to see in a Rams uni unless he's giving water to the starters, and Pettis who can be a viable option here and there. This upcoming draft we could possibly see Keenan Allen and Robert Woods coming out who are in my opinion the two best receivers in this draft. They both specialize in a specific thing with Woods being speed and Keenan being physicality but don't we already have that? Givens being the speed and Quick (hopefully) being the strength. I think we'd be better served to get one in the second who is great at getting YAC like Terrence Williams of Baylor who has showed he can produce without RG3.

Offensive Line - This is most likely where we need to spend one of our first round picks. Yes I have been on of the people who said Sam need weapons but I have come to the conclusion that Sam with the right amount of protection could be something great. Sure a great weapon would be good but Sam doesn't necessarily need it. He likes to spread the ball around to different receivers and the only reason why he was locking onto Amendola is because he didn't trust anyone else to make the caught (in my opinion). That has changed now that Givens is showing what he can do. As we have all seen time after time, if Sam has the time to throw he can dice a team like no other. There are currently two players that come to mind in this upcoming draft and that's Warmack from Alabama and Matthews from A&M. I would say Luke also from A&M but he will probably be picked far before we get the chance. Matthews and Warmack have been dominant this season and going with either one would be great. Going with Warmack would show Fisher still has faith in Saffold (who hasn't been too bad) and going with Matthews would just send Saffold back to the right side which isn't bad either. Fisher has a resume of not picking linemen in the first, that needs to be thrown away this upcoming draft.

On the defensive side I see our only big weakness in the OLB position and if that is where Fisher wants to go look no further than Jarvis Jones from Georgia. He has been great this season and although he hasn't go as much recognition as others he has been on of the best defensive players this season in the NCAA. Him performing like this is a conference like the SEC shows a lot as well. His best game probably came against Missouri where he willed that team to the win where he had 9 tackles, 3 sacks and 2 forced fumbles, one which he recovered and sealed the game. Sure he is more of a 3-4 OLB but I think this is one of them special situations where you have to take the talent for what it is. He gets great pressure in the pass game and isn't too bad in run stopping either. He is his best in pursuit although he could add some bulk which I wouldn't expect that to be a big problem. He has great speed and agility, showing the tenacity that would fit in well with the Rams. If he drops to us we should defiantly consider him depending on if one of two linemen is there and the possibility of them being there for us later on.

I know, a lot of take in at once but this is an exciting time to be a Rams fan. Fisher will need to capitalize on both draft picks to continue what progress we are building up in the league. I personally think he will spend one on defense and one of offense. Trading back wouldn't surprise me much either if the price is right or if the player we want isn't there. Also don't count out a player just because they have character issues, Fisher smashed that logic last draft and will pick a player if the talent is too great to pass up. What do you think and who is a must have prospect to you for the Rams to snag?

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