Should one of our 1st Round picks be used on a Pass Rusher?

I for one think our pass rush could use an upgrade for when we blitz 5 or more men. Before you think its because the Cardinal game last week, its not. I could tell our DEs were playing the run, a smart strategy by Fisher to try and make a 6th round rookie beat us. I think we could use an upgrade because i see a lot of pass rushing potential this year and you can never have too many pass rushers. It is the way to beat stud QB's like Brady, Rodgers, Manning, and Brees. Here are some people I could see us targeting in the first round.

Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia

6'3" 241

Jarvis Jones is a beast. He is an outside linebacker more suited to a 3-4 system but could make the transition to a 4-3. He has good edge setter and can let loose on the quarterback. He can help improve the amount of fumbles we cause (5 FF this year). His coverage skills are not tested too much but he has the athleticism to improve. He would be a sure fire top 3 pick if he did not have medical concerns. If he gets our doctors ok, and he falls to our second 1st round pick I think its a no brainer we pick him. (i think our first 1st round pick should be used on the best OT available.)

Sheldon Richardson DE/DT Missouri

6'4" 295

Sheldon Richardson exploded onto the scene this year. He has a nonstop motor and has produced even against elite talent. He has the speed (4.7 40 coming out of highschool) and ability to play anywhere on the line. He is fast and very athletic. Fisher would love to put Richardson in a rotation with Langford and Brockers. If he is available around 20 and our pick is there he would be a great pick for our defense.

Sam Montgomery DE/OLB LSU

6'5" 260

I am much higher on Montgomery than i am on Mingo. I think Montgomery has scheme versatility and could rush with his hand in the dirt or standing up.He is much better at stopping the run and just as good as Mingo at rushing the passer. I do not think he could make the transition to a 4-3 OLB but if he falls to the mid 20s and we traded back I would not hesitate to pick him.

Dion Jordan DE/OLB Oregon

6'7" 243

DIon Jordan is the answer to Davis, Gronkowski, and Graham. He is athletic enough to cover slot receivers and can rush the passer pretty well. He seems raw but with worlds of potential. Because of how good the Oregon offense is so good and blows people out, his pass rushing attempts have been hurt as he is often asked to drop back in coverage. He could rush the passer from the ground or standing up but should add more weight and strength to his frame. If he falls to the early 20s and Fisher loves him i don't see why we wouldnt pick him.

If we do not spend a first rounder on a pass rushing prospect, a player i am extremely high on is...

Michael Buchanan DE/OLB

6'6" 240

Michael Buchanan was seen as a late first early second at the beginning of the season, but his statistics have fallen greatly this year with the absence of Whitney Mercilus. He also has off the field injuries involving a fight where his jaw was broken. These two factors will cause his stock to drop to where many are predicting rounds 3-4. Although, he is extremely athletic and the frame to be a beast DE/OLB hybrid player. He has loads of potential and could be a steal if he falls to the 4th round.

Here is a Mock Draft where we pick Jarvis Jones with the second first round pick and Luke Jockel is picked.

1.9: Taylor Lewan OT Michigan

1.16: Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia

2.9: Da' Rick Rodgers WR Tennessee Tech

3.9: Robert Lester S Alabama

4.9: Bacarri Rambo S Georgia

5.9: Daniel McCullers DT Tennessee

6.9: Cameron Marshall RB USC

7.9: TJ Moe WR Missouri

Here is one where we do not pick a pass rusher in the first

1.9: Taylor Lewan OT Michigan

1.16: Matt Elam S Florida

2.9: Da' Rick Rodgers WR Tennessee Tech

3.9 Robert Lester S Alabama

4.9 Michael Buchanan DE/OLB Illinois

5.9 Daniel McCullers DT Tennessee

6.9 Cameron Marshall RB USC

7.9 TJ Moe WR Missouri

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