Rams 2013 Mock

Ahh.... The fun yet pointless time of the year where mock drafts really start coming out... I've been reading enough of them, and finally decided to make my own. I won't add pictures, because I'm particularly lazy, but here's one of the better case scenarios for the Rams on draft day.

1A. ILB, Manti Te'o, Notre Dame

Dude is a flat out stud. He'll truly solidify our linebacking corps for years to come, and has a great skill set. He's solid as a tackler, and great in coverage. This pick will be anywhere from the 7-14 range, and anywhere in this spot seems like a great position to pick up a guy like Te'o.

1B. OG, Chance Warmack, Alabama

Perhaps with the emergence of Rob Turner, this becomes a pick we don't make. We'll have to see how he performs at LG after a wonderful stint at C. But if he disappoints, or if the front office falls in love with this guy (which they oh so easily could), he'll come in and really solidify the interior of our line. This guy is an absolute beast. Some mocks have had him as high as #6, which is ridiculous for a guard... but this guy is seriously THAT good. This pick will probably be somewhere around the 14-18 area.

2. S, T.J. McDonald, USC

One thing that seems most certain about the Rams is that we'll have a new starting safety (or two) next season. There are a lot of different views about which safety will go where in this class, but in round 2, McDonald will be high on our list. He's hard hitting and physical, and should be NFL-ready.

3. DT, Daniel McCullers, Tennessee

I was looking through the many DT prospects in this draft, trying to find one that made sense for the Rams in 2013. DT is a position where we have some talent, but need more depth; and likely an eventual replacement for Langford. If McCullers declares this year, he could be that guy. He has absolute monster size (6'8 360), and an incredibly high ceiling (I guess you need one when you're 6'8"), but is also incredibly raw. Our FO drafts for talent, and this guy could be a force within a few years.

4. CB/S, Tyrann Mathieu, LSU

Hello, and welcome to the St. Louis Rams home for misguided youth. Should Mathieu declare, he could go anywhere from the 3rd to the 5th, and few teams would be more likely to gamble on a player than the Rams. With the right coaching, Mathieu could become an electrifying safety in this league.

5. OT, James Hurst, NC

Our right tackle position is one that needs fixed. Hurst may not be the solution, but he could definitely develop into it. It's no secret that Fisher likes to grab late round linemen and turn them into studs. Hurst could be the guy he does this with.

6. RB, Cameron Marshall, Arizona State

At 5'11" 223 lbs, Marshall has good size for an NFL back, and is part of a rbbc approach at Arizona State. If SJ39 leaves, don't be surprised if we add a bigger back in the offseason; assuming Ganaway doesn't pan out as a power guy. Cameron Marshall is said by to be a bigger back who moves like a smaller back. A nice value here in round 6.

7. S, Ray Ray Armstrong, Formerly of Miami

Another questionable character guy with a load of talent... Why not? This guy has a higher ceiling than probably anyone else we could find in the 7th round, and he fills a position of need.

Another important move I see us making this summer is picking up TE, Jared Cook from the Titans. He'd pair well with Kendricks and give us another weapon in the offense.

Thoughts? Hatred for not picking up a single receiver? Random observations about the earth? Let's hear em!

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