alright so i have a mock to share since im bored and i wouldnt mind seein how far off track i am with everyone else.... and ya i know its a lil early for em but who cares right? theyre still fun,... and keep in mind that im not jeff fisher nor do i know the future lol so dont get mad if my mock isnt up to your standards =D

ok so since we all know les and fish like to trade down i figure theyll probably trade down one of the firsts... probably the second and well just say they get a second out of it and i say we finish 6-9-1 (hopefully im wrong and we win the rest of our games.. knock on wood) so that gives us the 7th and we get the 16th ish from wash. so we trade down from 16 to 20 ish

1a JAKE MATTHEW RT TEXAS A&M... will switch to LT for us, now i picked him because i feel like joekel will be gone and im not really a fan of lewan,... answer me a question below... i feel like since denard robinson runs alot that lewan only has to block for a limited time so it makes him look good or is it that since denard runs lewan is good cuz he has the agility and atheleticism to keep up with him and make blocks all around the pocket and etc (go answer that below before you forget,... this has really been buggin me lately idk wat to think about him.... everyone says hes good but i just dont see it) and i know fish doesnt like o line in the first but he did coach jakes dad so he knows how good of a job he can do with jake and if there were any oline hed draft it would be him or the all soooooooo amazing luke joekel lol

1b DEANDRE HOPKINS WR CLEMSON.... deandre is about to shoot up boards once the season is over... hes fast and is a playmaker and i do like the emergance of givens and the consistancy and dependability of amendola but havin that third wr that can make plays on the field will only help out givens and danny,... as well as the o line which of course will be better next year with more experiance together and matthews

2a CJ MOSLEY LB ALABAMA.... everyone knows we need a lb to go with JL and JLD... we get good value here and our front 7 is lookin real nice this will also help out the safetys .... speakin of which......

2b MATT ELAM S FLORIDA.... ok so its not uncommon for some players to fall a little in the draft... why not elam? there are alot of safetys in this class (if we dont get him we can just pick the best safety) and we get lucky that he falls just far enough for us to snatch him up,,,, craig dahl blows (you knew that) and we get a nice upgrade here =)

3 BACARRI RAMBO S GEORGIA ....what!!!! hes grabbin another safety? ya sure why not,... like i said theres alot of em in this class and this pick wouldnt be too far away from 2b...... so there would still be some good safetys left (note: not everyone will grab the same position which would just so happen to be what we need lol) mikell is gettin overpaid so if he wont take a pay cut ... snip we cut him and hes gone and get a nice replacement (we cant have 2 rookie safetys right? so we keep dahl =( or stewart til one of these guys is ready =))


4 ANTHONY STEEN G ALABAMA.... we grab a guard for depth behind rob turner and dahl and we still have rok so we got some depth now.... boudreau would take control and if anything happened either him or rok could step in right away and perform decent

5-7 bpa... havent been lookin at these prospects really... only been checkin out prospects for about a month or two now ill get around to them later lol

ok so im still bored and dont have shit to do.... ill just try and predict free agency lol



danny amendola gets resigned to a 4 yr deal

fisher realizes how good it is to have sj39 and resigns him to a 2-3 yr deal

brandon gibson signs a 1-2 yr deal to give the young guns time to develop (hes gotten better and it wouldnt be a bad idea to have some continuity for sam)

robert turner signs a 3 yr deal cuz hes been flat out a boss this year

wayne hunter (if he was a 1 yr deal im not sure cant remember) resigns for at least a year


bradley fletcher gets the boot

jo lonn dunbar gets resigned to a 2 yr deal if hes a fa... cant remember

^same with william hayes cant rememebr lol


DUSTIN KELLER TE .... schotty will be happy about bringin in a dangerous target from his old team and he knows hes good in the system... he can pair him with lance or switch em in and out (LIKELY)

GREG JENNINGS WR..... if we can snag him we wont have to re sign gibson... jennings talent and skill will be better than gibsons continuity with sam lol (MAYBE)

BYRD S.... maybe if we get lucky rite? then we could cut dahl lol.... (MAYBE)

well hope u liked it and dont forget to tell me your opinion on Lewan

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