St. Louis Rams, Week 12 snap counts: Chris Givens is a starter

Christian Petersen

This week's snap count numbers have a few things to say about the Rams.

The snap count report from each week's game provides an interesting snap shot on what the St. Louis Rams are doing, how they're playing opponents and which players are landing where in the pecking order. One thing's for sure from the snap count total from the Rams' win in Arizona on Sunday: the youth movement is in full effect.

Some observations from the snap count report:

Danny Amendola wasn't quite ready to play - I hope that pushing Danny Amendola onto the field didn't make his injury worse, a la Sam Bradford last season. He did just play seven snaps, one of which was a 38-yard gain for the offense. However, that drive ended when Bradford threw an interception.

Chris Givens is a starter - Go ahead and mark that down now. Givens played 49 of 57 offensive snaps, the most of any wide receiver on the Rams roster. Brandon Gibson was next with 42 snaps. Brian Quick played seven snaps, fewer than last week.

Bradley Fletcher is as good as gone - A free agent next year, Fletcher should find suitors on the market, but not in St. Louis. He played five snaps this week, after playing one the week before. Trumaine Johnson played 40 snaps out of 79 total. We wrote about this and how strange it is prior to the game.

Base defense - The core of the Rams defense is James Laurinaitis, Jo-Lonn Dunbar, Quintin Mikell, Craig Dahl, Cortland Finnegan and Janoris Jenkins. Those players almost always play somewhere from 95-100 percent of the defensive snaps. The two linebackers played all 79; everyone else listed played 77. Not a huge surprise, but a reminder of how important the safeties are in this defense.

Running back roundup - Steven Jackson played 40 snaps, Daryl Richardson had 17. Jackson's getting more of the workload since the bye week, which is in large part due to his health.

All the tight ends - Four tight ends saw the field this week. Lance Kendricks led the way with 44 snaps. Matthew Mulligan had 33, Mike McNeill had 13 and Corey Harkey played five offensive snaps.

Here's the complete list, with ST snaps next to the off/def count:

H Dahl G 57 100% 6 19%
B Richardson T 57 100% 6 19%
R Saffold T 57 100% 6 19%
R Turner C 57 100% 1 3%
S Wells C 57 100%
S Bradford QB 56 98%
C Givens WR 49 86% 3 10%
L Kendricks TE 44 77%
B Gibson WR 42 74%
S Jackson RB 40 70%
M Mulligan TE 33 58% 13 42%
A Pettis WR 25 44% 6 19%
D Richardson RB 17 30%
M McNeill TE 13 23% 19 61%
B Quick WR 7 12% 3 10%
D Amendola WR 7 12%
C Harkey TE 5 9% 13 42%
W Hunter T 2 4% 6 19%
K Clemens QB 1 2%
I Pead RB 1 2%

J Dunbar LB 79 100% 7 23%
J Laurinaitis LB 79 100% 6 19%
C Dahl SS 77 97% 16 52%
Q Mikell FS 77 97% 12 39%
J Jenkins CB 77 97% 10 32%
C Finnegan CB 77 97% 6 19%
C Long DE 67 85% 6 19%
R Quinn DE 64 81% 2 6%
M Brockers DT 60 76% 6 19%
K Langford DT 56 71% 4 13%
T Johnson CB 40 51% 12 39%
R McIntosh LB 32 41% 18 58%
J Cudjo DT 29 37% 5 16%
W Hayes DE 24 30% 1 3%
E Sims DE 15 19% 4 13%
J Hull LB 7 9% 19 61%
B Fletcher CB 5 6% 10 32%
J Cole LB 4 5% 19 61%
D Stewart SS 18 58%
Q Pointer CB 16 52%
J Hekker P 12 39%
R McLeod FS 12 39%
G Zuerlein K 12 39%
J McQuaide LS 12 39%
T Barnes C 9 29%S Smith G 6

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