Coming on strong!!



Did you just see that? We just smacked the dog $%!# outta the Cardinals in their own house! The coaching today was never in question. The WR corps did their job for the most part. The Oline was aware and calling the D! Running backs hittin holes like tomorrow is not guaranteed. Hell, I wanna know who's team that was on the field tonight?! I wanna know who switched out the players on the Rams roster for alien pod creatures?! 'Cause the guys who played tonight played invigorated, concerted, team ball. Not perfect ball 'cause this was the alien's first game since landing on the planet. I'm pretty sure they will get better. Wink wink nod.

Seriously, the game tonight was truly a great one to see and if you missed it, you missed sharks in a blood bath! The fastest one was Janoris Jenkins! He played like a beast lookin for prey! The DLine were like Kodiak bears mauling a small village!! I loved it!

So I am kinda pissed because...we know what the Rams are capable of doing! We know they have the talent to make big plays, but its the discipline to make them when they count both at the focus of play or away from the ball. Translation: NO PENALTIES PLEASE!

We have some real up and coming stars on the team and we have some vets that are doin it real big right now! I say to the team, hold on to this momentum and let it propel you into finishing some business here in the STL with SFO!

I say to the coaching staff keep this going! Keep a knee in the neck of Mr. Jenkins! Why? Cause he is a potential Pro Bowler waiting to be born and he needs Hall of Fame coaching to get him there!

For our receivers, I think we are on the right track with coaching and frankly I am wondering who will blossom with 2 years in this system. Do we really need more help in that position or just more time in the system?

I cannot tell you that I don't have worries about our offensive system or who is calling the plays for it, but for now, I will roll on the Schotty train, quietly, at the very last car before the caboose. Feel me?

DLine, get in there with even MORE pressure. Mr. Brockers may be a real menace to folks next year after getting this year under his belt. I think we could use a ferocious partner for him in this upcoming draft. Sorry Mr. Langford, but we have to prepare someone behind you that can cause a real ruckous!

I like that OLine, I think they did fairly well today. Just 2 sacks on Sam and I think one of those were completely his fault. Throw the ball away sooner man!!

The Special Ops crew needs to get the act together though. Peterson almost broke through a couple times and the Cards got really good field position. Also, come on Johnny Hekker, I was kinda embarrassed when the commentators started talkin crap about your leg. Come on man! Stretch and hydrate!

Lastly, Coach Fisher, I saw you over there talkin with Schottenheimer, bein all "HC-like" and stuff! Do that man! You are an HC with a winning career record for a reason. Masterfully called game today sir!! Bring it on out of those guys!

Let's break the Niners in half next week!!!!

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