Future in good shape

QB- Sam Bradford is improving from his rookie year, and I truly count this as his second season. He is a precise game manager with great potential. No matter what people say, I am big on Bradford, and I do believe he is good enough to take us to a SB with the right pieces around him. With 6 games to go, we are out of the playoff picture, and I don't see why we still need Clemens at this point. I say cut him, and let A.Davis get some sub time.

RB- Jackson still has couple of years on those legs to be our power runner. Although his role will be reduced over time, I would like him to retire as a Ram. Richardson will be our future back with great promise. Pead can stay as our 3rd back until his rookie contract runs out. We can see where he stands in 3 years.

WR- Amendola has the slot locked up. Givens is our speedster. Quick has great potential to be our number 1 guy couple of years down the road. Pettis has shown to be a reliable 4th or 5th. I would still like us to pick up another number 1 WR, in case Quick doesn't live up to his potential. In retrospect, we should have kept DX over Gibson and Smith.

TE- Kendricks is a beast. Back ups are ok, but we could use another TE to compliment him, but doesn't seem necessary.

OL- I love where we stand with this group right now. If Wells comes back strong, and Turner is as successful at LG as he was at C, we have 4 solid linemen(Saffold, Turner, Wells, Dahl) We also have great dept with all the youngsters we picked up(Smith, Barksdale, Rok). Drafting Kalil would have been great for us. Since we didn't, I would like to pick up another solid T in the draft to solidify this unit.

DL- PERFECT :-) We are very strong at this unit for years to come. I really don't think I need to even talk about this unit or the CBs.

LB- JL has made some mistakes this year, but the guy is top 10 in tackles this year. Dunbar has been great, and McIntosh has been a surprise. I think a superstar OLB drafted in the 1st or 2nd round would make this unit stand out.

CB- Set for years to come.

S- This is where we need the most help. We need to draft two safeties. Mikell has played well of late, but he is not worth the contract he has. Unless he wants to restructure his deal, we need to pick up 2 safeties.

Summary: After having so many holes to fill last year, Fisher has done a great job to fill this team in just one off season. Needs: WR1, T, 2 S, and a superstar OLB would make us a playoff team next year. I am pretty sure we can get there with two 1st round picks this off-season, and maybe Mike Wallace :-D Imagine where we will be in 3 years. YAY!

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