A light at the end of the tunnel...



The St. Louis Rams have been amidst some tough times for a very long time now, but things began looking up this past off-season once Jeff Fisher stepped in to become the team's next head coach, with Les Snead taking control as GM. Things got off the ground and began rising quickly as the team pulled off a blockbuster trade, en route to starting the season at 3-2, with the last win of which being a dominant performance over the Arizona Cardinals.

And then...things changed.

With their newly found swagger and promise, coupled with new aspirations and goals, everyone in and outside of Rams park were as excited as can be, and rightfully so. The Rams were finally over .500 for the first time since 2006, and were on the road against a less than stellar Miami Dolphins team. Things couldn't possibly go wrong, our Rams have arrived! They storm into Miami, brimming with confidence, and opened up their first drive, gashing the Dolphins highly vaunted run defense, coming out with a few points in the end.

Suddenly, things went wrong. The Rams couldn't quite capitalize on much of anything. They dominated for nearly the entire game, doubling the Dolphins total yardage on offense, yet, they still lost.

After that? They came back home against Green Bay, and were thoroughly defeated. Then the next game arrived with the team facing off against New England which would took place in London. Perhaps now they can begin to turn the tide against a struggling Patriots team?

Nope, blown out.

But wait! The Rams head into San Francisco after a bye week, as major underdogs against a vastly superior Niners team. What happens now?

THEY TIE! While spiraling forth into the realms of irrelevancy and incompetence, the woeful Rams finally show up, and Sam Bradford and company look amazing! Perhaps maybe they really DID turn a corner!?

Now the Jets.

Similarly to before the Dolphins game, the team was overflowing with confidence, that just maybe, there really is a chance to show the sports world, that this is a young team that is truly on the rise. The Jets circus heading for St. Louis, led by Rex Ryan, Sanchez, and Tebow, couldn't possibly defeat these Rams!


They lost again. In embarrassing fashion at that, bringing back to light the same old questions.

Is Sam Bradford the real deal? Does he have enough weapons and protections to truly succeed? Are these the same ol' Rams? The answers to all of those questions?


There's no real definitive answer to any yet.

Although, a new culture is beginning to overtake Ram park. This is the youngest football team in the NFL at the moment, and will likely continue to get younger. Bumps in the road are to be expected as they are still being nurtured.

Look at it this way. When there's a newborn around, and they eye that steak you're about to chomp on, would you allow them to have a bite?

The answer would be no, because they simply aren't ready. The same goes for this Rams team.

Everyone wants that immediate taste of glory and success, and naturally when you get a small whiff of it, you can't help but try to seize it at that moment. Unfortunately, they're not ready yet, but with time and the proper support and care taken, they will be.

This team has tons of young talent on both sides of the ball, and with four 1st round picks within the next two years, that talent will only increase.

The future really is bright for this ball club, and two years from now, we'll all consider it a disappointment if we finish any less than 10-6.

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