Random Ramsdom 11/15/2012: Tebow Time? Nope

Jamie McDonald

Good Thursday morning, Rams fans! I hope it finds you well. As we move toward this weekends matchup against the New York Jets, things for the Rams continue to sound better and better. Some of the Rams starters may potentially take the field on Sunday, and the Jersey Shore-like QB controversy in NY is simmering. Spend a few moments catching up on some of Rex Ryan’s juiciest, foot-admiring, morning links...


In Rams News…

A Rams Scouting Report via NBC New York

After selecting the worst possible picture of Sam Bradford imaginable, this New York outlet goes onto give Jets fans - the ones who aren’t wearing a Victor Cruz jersey yet - a look at this weeks opponent…the St. Louis Rams. They’re all too familiar with one particular coach, and one particular offensive lineman. What’s their take on the remainder of the team?

The Rams Are Improving. That’s Bad News For the Jets

Nathan Kearns over at Ramblin’ Fan highlights how the trip back home could spell success for the Rams, and more of the same for the Jets. Saffold is back, and performed admirably in Week 10’s tie against the 49ers. SJAX just cranked out his first 100 yard performance of 2012, and things are looking good for Sunday when he lines up opposite the NFL’s 30th ranked rush defense. With Wells, Jenkins, and Givens potentially taking the field, St. Louis might be a stop the Jets hope to quickly forget.

Bernie Bytes: 5 Hot Topics for Week 11’s Matchup

Miklasz gives you 5 keys to the Rams victory on Sunday, and weight in on how each of them would aid in getting the Rams their 4th victory of the season. Schotty knows best, don’t doubt Sam, and the Rams need better play out of _______?________

Jeff Fisher Zings Mark Sanchez. Zings him real good

The key to having a successful passing game really relies on two key components. First, you need guys with hands. They’ll utilize those hands to catch the football. Secondly, you need a guy with an arm. He’ll utilize that arm to throw accurate passes to the aforementioned WR’s. Jeff Fisher is questioning whether or not one of those parties is gettin it done!

Where Do The Rams Stand Heading into Week 11?

Bleacher Report’s got your good, bad, and ugly for an improving Rams squad. Also, a take on whose stock is rising, and whose is falling, for the starters. Hint: Don’t violate team rules. The Outlook? Well, you’re going to have to click the link for theirs. My thoughts? The NFC West has owned the Jets in 2012. I don’t see that coming to a halt on Sunday

A Game Capsule, Courtesy of Gang Green Nation

If you were looking for some really good statistics about the Rams vs. the Jets series history as well as this years statistical leaders, then look no further! But there’s a bonus! One long, caps ridden, jswirbian paragraph riddled with statistical nuggets. So that’s where you’ve been, swirb?

In Sporting News…

Week 11back to top "
Miami at Buffalo 8:20 PM NFL Probably A lot! Ralph Wilson Stadium

Two teams with losing records square off in this oh-so-hot AFC East showdown. The winner will join the go on to lose the division to the New England Patriots. So will the loser. If you’re looking for a preview, or assistance picking the winner of the losers, Yahoo! has your preview

The Final Installment of the 2012 MLB Awards - Cy Young Winners

David Price is your 2012 AL Cy Young Winner, edging out Jason Verlander to win the award. In the NL, R.A. Dickey took the top honors. For the breakdown, and the rest of 2012’s award winners [ROTY, Manager of the Year, etc.], hit the link

Thursday, November 15
7:30 PM North Carolina at Virginia Tickets

You Want Some Unranked College Football More Than You Want AFC East Football? Can’t say that I blame you. For those of you who prefer NCAAF, or think that both of these teams are better than the Dolphins and Bills, here’s a pregame look at the matchup!

Thursday, November 15
Boston at Brooklyn 8:00 PM TNT
New York at San Antonio 8:30 PM MSG FxSW
Miami at Denver 10:30 PM SUN TNT

Roundball, baby! If you’re an NBA fan, and the Wizards aren’t trying to force you not to be, then here’s a few pretty solid matchups to check out on Thursday night.

Plain Ol Random…

Selling Weed Helps The Victims Of Hurricane Sandy

One New York pot dealer took the high road when it came to his civic duties and philanthropy to victims of Hurricane Sandy. He’s taking some of his hard-earned, home-grown wages and forking them over to those in time of weed need.

Thursday is Guinness Records Day!

I’m not sure what you intend to do to etch your way into the history books, but here’s what some individuals/groups intend on doing. One thing is for certain. Someone will try to break Doug’s world record number of people fit into a miniature car (Yugo, in his case). Whoever owns the record for most ‘underpants’ worn in Finland better watch out!

Some Calls Are Not Worth Dropping

"…and Becky, you will not believe what he said to me after that! He told me that he’d never treat me like Hope Solo again. Can you believe that?!? I was totally like…burp…I was like you better…hold on the car is flipping uncontrollably. I’m in a ditch. But seriously, can you believe he said that?!?"

On This Day In Sports History…

1946 - Ted Williams is picked as AL MVP
1959 - Cleveland Browns' halfback Bobby Mitchell sets record for longest run from scrimmage (90-yards)
1960 - Elgin Baylor of NBA LA Lakers scores 71 points vs NY Knicks
1988 - Dodgers outfielder Kirk Gibson wins NL MVP Award

If you find yourself at the end of this morning read, congratulations! You’ve made the right decision on where to find your Rams news first! If you want more info on spinner rims for your ride, different types of french fries, and my bodies internal struggle with black beans, follow me at NoPlanB_

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