Rams Weekly Draft Thread/Talk

Something new I want to start trying, Is to start doing a draft discussion thread every week (once a week) based on what I see in college games and what I see in the Rams games and how certain positions perform. All in fun !You can come to this thread and discuss a under the radar player for the Rams,looking at what needs we might truly need based on the teams play this week and which position group shows signs of weakness.



Right now i'd like to take a look at the running backs,as we all know SJ39's contract has been voided for the 2013 year (Something I disagree with). Which will therefore make him a free agent next year, if that were to follow through who could be a candidate through the draft that could have the potential to become our next feature back ? For all we know it could be old Terrence Gannaway who still hasn't gotten to play a snap yet but assuming its not than who ? I know many are opposed to taking a runningback in the higher end of the draft and so am i! 4th round or higher is too high too select a running back so I'd say the 5th or 6th round would be right around our area to select one.



What starter potential running backs would fall along that line ? For one Texas A&M's Christine Michael ! I've been watching all the Texas A&M games and I really like this guy, he has burner speed 4.48 40 yard Dash, but also has ideal size (220 lBs.) something D-Rich is lacking. He's been tearing it up at A&M and he's one guy I believe could be a solid candidate for Jackson's replacement. He's had some questions about his health (torn acl last year.) Which is why he isn't projected in higher rounds, but he's fully come back from that injury and has been tearing it up in the SEC.

This week my position that played lights out were the CB's ! Specifically (Trumaine Johnson.) My position of concern based off of this week would have to be Left Guard and Safety in a tie breaker. Each week we learn something new about our team, and so based off what we learn each week i'll do one mock draft, but a pre-analysis before hand to show what directions i'm heading into with the mock draft. This week, I think the Offensive Line played a Lights-Out game overall as a unit despite some individual slip ups. I think Saffold is our LT of the future but the only problem being that he has injury problems but I think the remedy to that is depth at the tackle positions, also the receivers played a Great game getting open for Bradford, and I think their is still a need for receivers but not as huge a need as many TST'ers make it out too be so here goes, with explanations of the pick ! (In my mock we have 2 top ten picks!)

1A: (Tradedown):Rams select Alabama Guard Chance Warmack. I see the Rams getting this pick in the teens range and easily getting it because no one predicted David Decastro to slide that far last year and he was the only Guard picked in the first round in the 2012 Draft, so the Rams certainly would be able to get Warmack in the teens when a Guard just as good nearly slid out of the first round last year. The Rams now have two Second Rounders.

1B: (Tradedown) The Rams select Texas A&M RT: Jake Matthews. The Rams trade down another top ten pick once again into the teens to select their RT of the future, with LT not looking like that huge of a problem and Saffold playing like a stud. RT needs to be upgraded, Goodbye Barry Shitchardson. Hello Mr. Matthews ! This OL scenario is definately one I used to disagree with because I felt receiver and safety were more important but now I think it makes the most sense since I don't believe receiver is that big of a issue. The Rams now have 3 Second Round picks.

2A: Rams select Alabama LB C.J. Mosley, Jeff Fisher has too be drooling for this type of talent at OLB. This dude plays like a shutdown corner in coverage at OLB. He reads plays so well and easily that it blows your mind when you watch him on tape. This guy runs a 4.5 !!! Faster than Brandon Gibsons I might add. This dude will be a starter from day one.

2B: Rams select Florida SS Matt Elam. This pick will have Rams fans everywhere screaming for joy... Goodbye Mr. Dahl ! This guy has been balling this year at Florida I believe he's the best all around safety in the draft class, and one of the top 3 elite safeties in this class along with Tony Jefferson and Eric Reid.

2C: Rams select Stanford TE Zach Ertz, with this pick Rams get a possible bonafied TE that can possible give us that Gronkowski/Graham type TE we've been wanting.This guy is 6'6 runs a low 4.6 and plays alot of snaps at receiver and is a GREAT blocker as well he's the whole package Eiffert is only a pass catcher.

3: Rams select receiver Cordarelle Patterson. Da'Rick Rodgers would've been the ideal pick but he would most likely be gone by now, but Patterson is EXTREME value from here, dude has been dominating in the SEC, and could give the Rams an immediate playmaker in the Receiving corps. Bye Gibson !

4: Rams select LSU OT Alex Hurst. This pick would provide us with solid depth incase our star LT is out, he was solid in the Sec, road grade run blocker, better pass blocker. He played RT but could work on making the transition to LT if needed too. He would be able to be a solid backup for either LT or Rt.

5: Rams select South Carolina FS D.J Swearinger. D.J has been rising up draft boards because of his play this year, if he wouldn't be available than Josh Evans (Matt Elams teammate would be another solid option. but Swearinger has been an absolute playmaker this season and has ball hawking skills, this would be a true steal in the 5th round, but maybe not considering he's still under the radar, but I could see this guy and Elam both starting next year, their talented enough to do it.

6: Rams select Texas A&M runningback Christine Michael, as I mentioned earlier Christine would be a solid pick this late in the draft I have visions of him becoming a possible Alfred Morris type of steal this late in the draft.

7: Rams select FB Trey Millard of Oklahoma. Best FB in this years draft class debateable as too whether its him or LSU's J.C. Copeland but either would be a solid pick right here. Millard has nice hands in addition to being a solid blocker.

Did you guys like my draft ? Disagree with any of my picks ? Opinions ? Let me know your feedback this took a longggggggg time !

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