Hey guys, I just wanted to share my thoughts and predictions on the rest of our season. The Rams gave a hell of an effot yesterday, but once again stupid penalties killed them. Even with yesterday's tie, I still have hope that they can sneak into the postseason this year. I know we are building towards the future but Sam looked great yesterday, Amendola is a stud, and Steven Jackson played like Steven Jackson. I am hoping we can continue playing this way the rest of the year, here are my predictons...

Week 11: vs Jets... The Jets are one of the worst teams in football at this point, and it isn't completely Mark Sanchez's fault. They do not have a great o-line and Long/Quinn should have a field day.. We get the win at the dome (4-5-1)..Hopefully Chicago beats SF

Week 12: @ Cardinals... The Cardinals do not have a QB, and probably the worst offense in the NFL at this point. We dominated the first game and we should win this one as well.. (5-5-1)

Week 13: vs 49ers... This will be a battle, a must win game for both teams. I predict the luckiest team in the NFL (seattle) will be hanging with the 49ers for the division, so they will be hungry.. But, the Rams will be pissed off they tied at Candlestick, and the dome gives them an extra boost to pull of the upset and bring them back into contention... (6-5-1)

Week 14: @ Bills... This game worries me, Buffalo looks great one minute and awful the next. We will have to create turnovers, and this one will be very close. Sam leads us down with 2 min left and we kick a field goal to win the game... (7-5-1)

Week 15: vs Vikings... We will have trouble with Adrian Peterson, enough said. The Vikings win a close one.. (7-6-1)

Week 16: @ Bucs... The Bucs look revitalized under new coach Greg Schiano. They are a totally different team this year, with a very good QB in Josh Freeman. We will have to create turnovers and put up points to win this game. I think this is a tough one, but we pull out the victory.. (8-6-1)

Week 17: @ Seattle... I hate to admit it, but Seattle owns us at Century Link or Qwest or whatever they call it now. The Rams will give it all they got in this game, but we lose a close one and have nightmares of 2010. Seattle takes the wild card at 9-7, dropping us to 8-7-1...

If we do finish 8-7-1, it is a successful season... I know it is another year waiting for the playoffs, but this team will continue to grow and mature together. With 2 first round picks and a load of cap space, we will be a much improved team going into 2013.

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