We have a couple slobberknockers going on in the early games. Where do the TST picks team stand on them?

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Saints are trying to keep their season alive and end Atlanta's undefeated streak. The Vikings and Lions are both desperately trying to stay in contention for a playoff spot.

Lions vs Vikings

3K: Detroit. The defense is too inconsistent to really threaten in the postseason, but the passing game is good enough to get them there.

DCRamFan: Detroit, despite a slow start to the season, has now one three of their last four. Minnesota, on the other hand, has dropped three of it's last four. I've got to assume that they split this series for the season. Lions win this one

Douglas M: The Lions are on a up swing just as the Vikings have begun to slide. Peterson is going to get his yardage, but with Harvin nursing an injury I don't see them scoring much. Detroit needs Calvin Johnson to be a bigger part of the offense in the redzone, and Stafford needs to stay hot for a chance at the post season. Lions win.

Rick Siegel: Adrian Peterson may win offensive POY after less than a year of rehabbing a destroyed knee. Lions defense stinks. Vikings.

DBCouver: Well the first game between these 2 teams may as well have been last year. They're on different paths since the Vikes beat the Lions in week 4. I think it's the toughest game of the week to call. Ponders not healthy and even if he was, he's not the guy who started out the season. With Detroits pressure I think he'll have problems. Petersons back on track, though and may be effective against Detroits run defense.

On the other hand, Staffords having a helluva year, and Calvin Johnson's going to get his FF points. Who wins? I think it's the Vikes for the season sweep, at home with the home crowd getting a little extra entertainment by watching Suh get flagged for a couple frustration PFs. Vikes by 4

Falcons vs Saints

3K: Um, so my whole "I'm picking Atlanta until they lose" strategy hasn't failed me yet. So...yeah, Atlanta.

DCRamFan: Falcons. Roddy White says they're going 16-0. I have no reason to believe he's a liar

Douglas M: This will be the game that ends Atlanta's unbeaten streak. Drees will be throwing at least 55 passes, and his receivers are starting to look like they did in 2011. The Falcon's Jones and White will get their catches, and I expect this to be a high scoring/ no defense fling-a-thon. Saints win.

Rick Siegel: I don't like the Falcons as much as most, but the Saints defense might literally be the worst I've ever seen. I guess Rams' fans would know about that. Oh Spags... Give me Atlanta

DBCouver: Can Matt Ryan pass on the worst pass defense in the league? Can Michael Turner have a big day against a defense that is letting teams rush for over 170 yards per game? Yes and yes. Can Drew Brees overcome all of that and pass for as many yards and TDs as he wants? Well, does he still have Roddy White and Julio Jones to throw to? Yes and yes.

Right now the Falcons are showing signs of vulnerability, and the Saints are gelling. HC Joe Vitt seems to be finding a way to pull this team together. Why the hell couldn't he do that in St Louis? Saints at home by 6.

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