Amendola's Injury, a blessing in disguise.



So I was responding to a fellow member of Turf Show Times on a reply and was questioned as to why I think an injury of our best wide receiver on the roster is a blessing in disguise. So I decided to take his offer and explain on a seperate FanPost. So here I go explaining as to why I think this injury to Amendola is a blessing.

My first reason is simple... Bradford's mentality. We know and the whole league knows wide receiver Amendola, is Bradfords favorite target. If any of you watched any of the Oklahoma games when Bradford was a Sooner, we all know he loved to throw to Jauquin Iglesias and Jermaine Gresham and an occasional deep bomb to Manny Johnson. Danny Amendola is basically his new Iglesias and Lance Kendricks is in Gresham's place. Now lets fast forward to his NFL career.

Sam Bradford no longer has Amendola due to injury and we've seen this before last year. Amendola goes down and Bradford just literally has Kendricks to throw to and if he's dropping passes, well we're basically going to run the ball non stop. But this injury forces Sam Bradford to look at other receivers on our roster, which lets face it, I think we all get frustrated watching Sam Bradford playing and really not giving many looks to any other of our receivers except Amendola. I mean if we expect it, you can probably guarantee the defense expects it. We can all sit here and say how bad our receivers are or have been, but that really doesn't matter anymore. We can blame our wide receivers and say how bad they are due to drops, but we can't just point the finger at the wide receivers and tight ends, after all this is a team game.

When Amendola got injured and went back to the locker room, we all watched Sam Bradford struggle to get a completion, but when Austin Pettis came in, Bradford and Pettis connected. Oh and remember when Bradford threw it deep to Givens for a touchdown? Guess who was injured during that time? Amendola. I could almost guarantee if Amendola was on the field, we would've just thrown the ball to Amendola, instead Bradford was forced to look around for a receiver and just threw it deep to Givens, which lets face it, Bradford hasn't had much practice throwing it deep and as far as I'm concerned, I want to see him throw it deep more even if it risks an interception. This is also an opportunity for Steve Smith to come in and get playing time and reps with Sam Bradford, which could benefit us, if we(knock on wood) make the playoffs. Bradford can also continue to build great chemistry with his OTHER receivers.

Can someone explain to me how one "GREAT" slot receiver can help us win a championship or games? Yeah we can break reception records with him and work on stats, but in the end of it all, It's about scoring in the red-zone or in general, the defense, the running game, and special teams. Bradford will be forced to connect on a regular basis with the likes of Brandon Gibson, Steve Smith, Austin Pettis, Chris Given, Brian Quick, Lance Kendricks, Matthew Mulligen, Mike McNeill, and not JUST Amendola and occasionally Givens, Gibson, and Kendricks.

This will result in a much improved Sam Bradford and when Amendola comes back, well guess what? Those defenses are going to look at Amendola really good, but Bradford, I'm sure by then, will build better chemistry with the OTHER receivers on this St. Louis Rams squad.

Blessing In Disguise=Making Sam Bradford a better quarterback for the long haul and getting more reps for our other talented receivers.(I say talented because they're in the NFL)

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