Bralidore's Bradford Breakdown..

Alright so ive been reading a l lot of Bradford performance breakdowns from posters on numerous sites. They typically range from the "Bradford actually played pretty well considering everything" to the "We need a new Quarterback Brad sucks!".

Personally I'm more in the middle on his performance and leaning more towards he actually didn't do bad considering what happened. I will post what happened on each in-completion and post the time it happened along with the play. (Just re-watched the game....defensive boner still wearing off)


1st QTR (actually don't have the time for this play): Bradford's first in-completion. Threw a high pass to Pettis that was out of Pettis's reach. Could have been a TD if it was lower but was a semi tough throw that had to be pretty perfect to fit in between the backer and the safety.

1st QTR: 2:00 left. Bradford steps up into the pocket and has about 6 yards for the first. Should have ran for the first as he had one D-lineman in the way and he had an offensive lineman blocking shielding him from Sam. Instead, Sam throws across his body to a completely covered Amendola and ball is incomplete. Had Peterson saw Bradford the whole time he might have had a pick 6 but it would have had to have been a great play on the ball. Bad play by Bradford.

2nd QTR: 13:38 left. Bradford throws to the left to Kendricks who had a step on the defender. Throws a tad bit behind Kendricks who has to turn to make the catch. Hits Kendricks right in the chest but as we've seen all too often with him...its dropped. Bradford should have led Kendricks with throw but a pro pass catcher HAS to make that catch. Not every ball is going to be perfect no matter who is throwing.

2nd QTR: 13:34 left. Bradford lets Richardson get out to the flats on a crossing pattern where there was one defender had to choose who to cover. Defender choose Pettis and that left Richardson wide open to the left with at LEAST 15 yards and a first. Bradford looks that way and throws but Calais Campbell sees him look at the last minute and gets his huge mitt on the ball and bats it down.

2nd QTR: 13:30 left. Play where Bradford and Dola have the miscommunication. Dola sits in the zone and Bradford throws it where he thinks he is going. Both players train of thought would have gotten us the first and probably 5 more yards but alas, another in-completion.

2nd QTR: 10:56 left. Bradford had Givens open on a throw to Givens towards the left sideline. Looked like Bradford was trying to throw it hard so defender couldn't get a break on the ball (would have taken amazing breaking speed by the corner to get it tho). Brad ends up pulling a McNabb and beans the ball into the turf.

2nd QTR: 10:50 left. Bradford throws a nice deep throw that was a little high for Dola to catch in stride. Dola jumps up and appears to make the catch but cant bring it down and its incomplete. Would have been a great play by Dola but honestly he should have caught it.

2nd QTR: 07:42 left. Bradford makes an excellent touch throw where only Dola can make the catch. Dola leaps past the corner and appears to have the catch but on a Cardinal challenge the end of the ball clearly hits the turf and its a no catch. Also play where Dola gets injured (and i blurt out amazing expletives..).

3rd QTR: 13:15 left. Bradford throws to an open Givens. Givens first slipped on the route but the ball still hits him right in the hands but Givens drops it.

3rd QTR: 13:11 left. Bradford throws to Givens on an inside crosser about 7 yards away and Givens dropped a gift wrapped ball that hits him right in the mitts.

3rd QTR: 12:40 left. Bradford throws a deep ball down the sideline to Givens. Cornerback seems to screen Givens out of the play and both the CB and Givens seem to lose the ball in the lights or something as they both stop running. If Givens keeps running he probably catches that ball....or the CB does.

3rd QTR: 06:43 left. Ball is snapped. I counted less that one second before a defender is in Bradford's face. Bradford actually does a great job of not getting sacked on this play as it looks like the defender (I think Washington) damn near takes the snap from the center. Sam sputters backwards and tries to get the screen off but Richardson is knocked out of the way by a defender and the ball hits the turf.

3rd QTR: 06:38 left. Bradford drops back and gets pressure in his face about a second and a half after the ball is snapped. Instead of taking the sacks Bradford went for the lob to B. Quick in the endzone (no doubt what they planned to do all along) while on his backfoot. Bradford ALMOST gets enough mustard on it to get it to the back corner of the endzone but its a little short and Patrick Peterson makes an outstanding play on the ball to not only pick it off but keep both feet inbounds. Kudos to Peterson for that one. Bradford should have taken the sack in hindsight but at least he went for the big play.

3rd QTR: 02:12 left. Bradford goes deep to Gibson and overthrows him. Gibson looked to have a teensie weensie bit of seperation but it was overthrown. Givens might have had a chance on that one but alas.

The next few Rams series was all Jackson and Richardson chewing up clock and/or the Bradford to Givens deep ball for the score in the fourth.

Honestly in my opinion Bradford had an ok game and if his receivers catch some of those very catchable balls Bradford's stat sheet looks more like 13/21 2 TDs and a pick.

A handful were indeed all on Brad including the pick but his receivers have to make those catches on the other dropped ones.

Bradford is fine guys and has showed me more in more this season (namely AFTER the Detroit game) the willingness to wiggle and move around in the pocket more and not look like he's lost when standing back there. He's showing a lot more ability in not taking sacks he used to would take.

This was a case where the stat sheet does not tell what really happened.

On to Miami!!

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