Finally got to watch a Rams game on TV and I laughed my @$$ off!

Boy did our Rams pick a good night to put on show! I don't think I have ever had as much fun watching a Rams game since the GSOT days. It reminded me of the days when I used to watch Magic Johnson during the Showtime years where you knew the game was in control and we would just make the oppostion look like the Keystone Cops.

I have to say the Rams defense and special teams are more fun to watch than the offense. I had to agree with Chris Long's comments after the game about how he wished the Cardinals would have got the ball back one more time so the D could go back on the field and do their thing. The defense flying all over the field and putting a hurting to the Cards was a thing of beauty to behold.

As far as the offense is concerned, Sam Bradford got off to a sizzling start and then things went a little sour with the passing game. Bradford finished the day 7 for 21 and 141 yards with two TD's, an interception and a passer rating of 69.7. In his defense, he should have had a better day with a little help from his receivers.

Danny Amendola dropped passes passes and had one miscommunication with Bradford going across the middle when he stopped and Bradford thought he would keep going across. If he would have completed those three passes, He would have been 10 for 21 with probably and extra 60 yards. Those three plays also killed three drives which could have been extended.

Chris Givens fell down on a swing pass just as Bradford released it and on the next play, Bradford gave Givens a chance to redeem himself and then he dropped one that him in the facemask. Both plays were not Bradford's fault. You could see the frustration on Bradford's face after those two plays. If those two are completed along with Amendola's then you're looking at 12 for 21 and maybe 15 more yards.

Then there was a play where Bradford threw it deep down the left sideline and I'm not sure if it was Chris Givens or Brandon Gibson, but I thought the receiver was interfered with and then the receiver just stopped instead running through the interference to go for the ball.

Lance Kendricks dropped an easy catch going across the middle but that isn't surprising with him.

I always like to yell at the TV to tell the coach what to do as far as strategy. I thought Fisher made a couple of bad decisions on third down situations. In the third quarter when the Steven Jackson Show was in full force, we were already in field goal range and all we had to do was hand it to SJ39 to run it into the pile and keep the clock ticking. Instead, we had Bradford throw a desperate pass to the back of the endzone towards Brian Quick and it turned into an interception. Missed out on a chance for Young GZ to add three more points to the lead. Later on in the 4th, we were around the 40 yard line which is a chip shot for Greg the Leg and I yelled at the TV for us to hand it off again. Instead, Bradford drops back throws an incomplete pass and holding is called on Dahl. We lost 10 yards and another chance for Zuerlein to add points to his resume.

I was upset with the difference in time of possesion but it's kind of hard for the Rams to keep the clock ticking with all the incomplete passes and it's hard to stop the clock on the Cards when we keep sacking their quarterback. All in all, it was one hell of a fun game to watch and I'm hungry for some Dolphin salad sandwiches in 9 days.


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