Random Ramsdom: The Rams' Bye Week Begins, But Not Soon Enough

Jamie McDonald

What a weekend! I don't know about you, but I could have done without what happened to the Rams in London. This game was a debacle, pure and simple. Lots of news from this weekend though, and the big storm about to hit the East coast leads the Top Stories across the U.S. for Monday... Maybe people will forget the Rams even played?

Over the next two weeks, we'll be slicing and dicing the Rams, but for today, let's all say a prayer for our fellow Americans in the path of this huge storm.


via l1.yimg.com

The next logical thing to do after looking at that enormous storm, is to surround ourselves with denial, er, uh, I mean football news!

The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, and there's still rumblings about Steven Jackson being on the block. Not sure I see it happening though. Outside of the Rams needing jackson for the remainder of the season, his contract situation is probably a stumbling block. His voided contract after this season will have teams balking at shelling out a draft pick for a player for only eight more games.

Oh how the mighty Rams defense has fallen. Just last week they inspired at least a bit of fear. They've sunk a bit in the Team defense ranking, but not as much as I thought they would...

Remember the mouthy player in Week #1 for the Redskins? The one who started the "snippiness" that turned the game into a borderline riot? Yes, DeAngelo Hall's his name, and he found out not everyone likes his abusive self...

Is it just me, or are the NFL injury reports getting a bit longer than usual? What's with all the "toe" injuries? LisFranc is becoming a part of the NFL fan lexicon. Toes are being pummeled to an alarming degree. Do the Rams have a team Podiatrist? When the uniforms changed to Nike, did the shoe change too? Just curious...

When Sports Illustrated's writes about the Rams, it usually isn't because of stellar play. No really! Today is about being carrion for the media, so I guess we can suck it up... Until the Tuesday power rankings we're all dreading come out that is...

The NFL in England, and for that matter Europe, still has a ways to go. Not everyone is thrilled about the NFL dreams of expanding onto "the continent". Even though 84,000+ people paid for tickets, there's still doubt about whether London can sustain an NFL franchise.

...And finally, a little music that's rather appropriate after the beating the Rams took yesterday...

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