Turf Show Times: Ramdude's RAMblins 10/28

Lots of excitement this Sunday. Not only are the Rams playing the Patriots in an awwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyy game later today, but much of the left coast is bracing for early next week's Frankenstorm or Count Choclacaine or what have you. Funny - Halloween used to be about candy. Now it's about no power at ya crib. I was out 6 days last year with a foot and a half of snow on the ground. Needless to say, Halloween was cancelled in most of CT. It could easily be the same this year as the storm may not even be over til Wednesday.

But getting back to the game, we were 5 pt underdogs at home last week and we're 7 pt underdogs on neutral territory. Based on the condition of the Pats right now, I think we actually have a better chance this week. GB had just started to figure out how to deal with their injuries before our game, and the Packers brought their "home" with them. So I don't think the EJD was much of an advantage for us.

NE's D is not at it's old standards. And injury once again has Hernandez out of the line up. As always, we have to be at our best to win this one. Will minimal time to recover from jet lag affect the Patriots play? We'll see.

Brownie disses Haggis after Hurricane Katrina

Why don't Yanks say, "Tonite, we're ordering out for British!"

The fact that our game is in London led me to look across the big pond and ponder when was the last time I craved some British food. Other than Fish and Chips last week (thank you Arthur Veary Treacher) and the occasional Shepherds Pie, it gets a little sketchy. Is it because most UK delicacies seem to hover around boiled organ meat made into some kind of a scrumptious "pie" or "pudding"? Or is the intense relationship with various chunks of the sheep GI tract? And that Mad Cow episode didn't help matters either.

Don't F with Mad Cows!
UK food has a reputation for not having a lot of flavour. (See what I did there?) But authentic Mexican food also tends to be a little bland. However, with the Texas influence, you get Tex-Mex and something to excite the senses. So, throw some cilantro and hot sauce on that fried gizzard, and we'll be selling it out of carts on the streets of New York City. Brit-Tex could be the new Thai. You heard it here first.

Not to belabour the point, a simple search of "British Food" returns a wealth of information on the subject. One of the more jocular sites I found was Top 10 Disgusting British Foods That Might Be Awesome. I found it to be fairly awesome, complete with photos, videos and descriptions of 10 delightful sounding er... food type materials. Bon Appetit! Sorry, wrong language. Absolutely Fabulous Appetit!

Simply Smashing Pumpkins

A friend (yes, I have those) sent me some photos from the gallery of Ray Villafane - world renown pumpkin carver and sand sculptor. The above link takes you to his site which is amazing (and pretty creepy). GO THERE IF YOU DARE!

This one reminds me of Monday Night Football for some reason.

Well gotta go. This was a busy weekend helping my son move and preparing for who knows what next week. Good luck to all the potential Sandy victims. We'll make it some how.

AND GO RAMS!!!!! (And thanks Londoners for treating us so well in spite of us being, you know, fairly uncivilized.) 
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