Five Young Players With the Most Upside


So with all of the new and young players the Rams have, many will be average and regularly contribute, but these five players are ones that will make huge plays down the line.

5. Brian Quick- WR

When the rams drafted him many expected him to make an immediate impact, but that just hasn't happened. But the good news is that he is starting to get more snaps and catches each weeks. It could be worse, he could be an Issiah Pead... He is a big guy and has good hands. Once he learns how to adjust to the big time he should be able to contribute more and step into a bigger role at wide receiver.

Here's a little taste of what he can do...

Brian Quick 19-yard reception vs Seahawks 2012 (via ProFootballCutups)

4. Janoris Jenkins- CB

Jenkins so far has been the steal of the draft. He has shown his speed and coverage ability. The only problem is every now and then he falls asleep and gets absolutely burned. If he can put together a whole game, he WILL be a top 5 DB in the league one day. With Jenkins and Finnegan at corner the Rams will boast one of the best pairs for years to come.

Janoris Jenkins Pick 6 vs Ravens (via choober7)

3. Daryl Richardson- RB

Not much was expected of Daryl Richardson at the beginning of the season, with him being the second to last pick in the draft and all. Richardson has proven everyone wrong and shown he can play in the League. He is explosive and has a burst of speed not seen in years. Richardson hits the whole hard and can juke his way through the field. Only problem may end up being his sized, but maybe if Terrance Gannaway can get going he'll be able to fill the role of big back.

Here are a couple vids of Richardson...

Daryl Richardson 44 Yard Run (via choober7)

2. Robert Quinn-DE

Robert Quinn was our first round pick last year. He showed us flashes of his potential last year and this year he has been able to put it all together. He has become a tod defensive end THIS year and will likely only improve to be one of the best defensive players for years to come. This guy is a player to watch, because he will be good.

Rams players sack Kevin Kolb 9 times (via choober7)

1. Chris Givens- WR

A fourth round pick this year and drafted as a speed guy. This guy is just a big play monster. He can outrun a defense on basically every play. As a rookie he already has four 50+ yard catches. He already is getting comparisons to MIke Wallace. He has been better than expected and will only get better. If Jenkins wasn't the steal of the draft, Givens was.

Chris Givens Long Catch vs Green Bay (via choober7)

Chris Givens 66 Yard Catch vs Dolphins (via choober7)

Chris Givens Touchdown vs Arizona (via choober7)

Thanks for reading, tell me what you think

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