Weekly Mailbag - Road Trip to...Fire Dat Coach? Edition

Hello there TST! Welcome to another edition of the weekly mailbag! Week 7 provided us with all sorts of crazy fun throughout the league. The Seachickens and 49ers kicked off the entertainment by having a defensive battle plagued by sheer idiocy showcased by both offenses (Edit note: This wasn't as fun as watching Oregon go up and down the field at will on Arizona State at the same time.) I lost count of how many passes Seattle dropped after awhile. The vaunted Seahawks defense finally showed some chinks in the armor by letting a previously shut down Frank Gore run wild. Outside of Gore, the 49ers seemingly were a raving band of lunatics by refusing to throw to Vernon Davis, arguably their best receiving threat. To cap off this game, let's just say if Mr. Harbaugh was a gambling man and bet the inexplicable Seattle backdoor cover, he'd be a rich man ($75 million in "legal" bets were swung by his decision) but we don't speak of these things.

Speaking of mind boggling decisions by coach(es), why Cam Cameron (the worst OC in the league although Chris Palmer irritates me into believing he's the worst) refuses to give Ray Rice, one of the best backs in the league, more than 15 touches in a game on a consistent basis is beyond me. The Texans smacked the reeling Ravens around like they were a HS team. To borrow a phrase from ESPN's Fantasy Focus podcast, no one is Wacko for Flacco any longer. Can the guy who does the engraving for NFL awards just engrave JJ Watt's name onto the Defensive Player of the Year trophy right now? In other stupefying coaching decisions, Cleveland's Pat Shurmur's blatant disregard for having the guts to go for it on 4th down in Colts territory wins the idiot award, especially with the new owner at the game watching. I particularly enjoyed every time the TV cameras panned to the poor guy going nuts in his suite. Yeah it's safe to say that Shurmur and staff are gone at the end of the year.

Like I said in earlier editions, RG3 will be very fun to watch every week. The Saints could legitimately be a 6th seed in the NFC this year with that godforsaken calamity they call a defense being torched every game. Tampa Bay's defense wasn't any better either. Josh Freeman has only himself to blame for not scoring the game tying touchdown and PAT. Sure they got screwed with the coming back inbounds thing but Freeman missed a wide open RB running a slant for an easy walk in TD the play before.

Back to the AFC, where the Bills, Patriots, and Titans just aren't that good (at least on defense). It's mind blowing how awful these 3 defenses are, it really is. There's no words to properly justify the awfulness of them. No really, there isn't. At least the Steelers can claim that they're getting too ancient to stop anyone. It's clear cut the NFC is miles ahead better than the AFC this year.

Anyways enough about the psychosis that was week 7. After a brief message from the Mailbag sponsor, we'll get to the good stuff that every Rams fan can't wait to read every week (OK, all 10 of you that reads this lol). I'd like to congratulate both the Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants for making the World Series. (Note: if you email me questions/comments/suggestions, please use the subject heading of 'TST Mailbag' when you do so I know who it is and please leave a comment in the email if it's OK or not to use your name when I post the email questions on here after the jump. Thanks!)


Twitter: @nolesunited247

The good stuff:

Offense: The offense showed up pretty well in this game vs the Packers but couldn't keep up with Aaron Rodgers and co that's in Eff You mode right now. Bradford was victimized by several drops by Givens and Gibson. Legatron was barely needed in this game as it was a shootout. It's safe to say that the Packers aren't an elite defense either. I give credit to the OL for not crawling into a fetal position every time Clay Matthews came near Bradford.The biggest unknown is that what would've occurred if the Packers were fully healthy on defense?

Defense: I give little bit of a pass here to this group as a pissed off Rodgers is unstoppable even by the better defenses of the world. The one thing that was stupid of the gameplan by Fisher, Cecil, McGinnis, Tebus, whoever was trying to stop their nonexistent run game. Seriously, the Packers can't run the ball to save their lives, why even devote any time to defending it? Let's face it, this loss has to be pinned on the defensive gameplan.

Overall: It was an expected loss to a team loaded with offensive firepower that isn't in a trifling mood. The score was lot closer than I expected it to be. The road trip to London to face an New England defense that let the hapless Jets troll them on Sunday awaits. I'm going to predict an entertaining game with the Pats winning 32-27. On a side note, how funny would it be if the Pats wear their throwback uniforms and brought along the guys who shoots the rifles pregame to remind the British that we beat them twice in war? International incident brewing?

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