Turf Show Times: Ramdude's RAMblins 10/20

"I'm OK. I'm OK. Just catchin my
second wind after the 13th Old Milwaukee."

It's Green Bay Game-eve!

I hope you have your cheese nog all "ret ta go" for the big day. Wish we were a little better (or at least full strength) because this game is winnable if we play our most complete game of this season and the Packers show up a little hung over from last week. We've both got wounded, so it will be a matter of how well everybody else picks up the slack.

I've followed Green Bay closely this season because I've played Rodgers every game in FF, as well as the GB D/ST most every game. Even had Cedric Benson for a while - not because he was that good, but because he got almost all the running touches for GB until he got hurt.

As others have said, GB needs to run, but they don't need to run all that well because Rodgers makes the offense happen with his surgical air strikes. He just needs the run to keep Ds honest. He gets his fantasy points too! Here's the record so far with Yahoo! Sports FF:

Note a couple of things. First, the pattern so far is L - W - L - W, etc. Since they won last week, guess what that means. Early in the season, GB was relying on a mixture of runs and passes to score. But since week 3, touchdowns have come almost exclusively thru passing. Soooo, shut down the pass and you shut down the scoring.

Yahoo predicts Rodgers to have a decent amount of fantasy points (21.08), but only 2 passing touchdowns. If that is the case, we have a chance IF OUR OFFENSE SHOWS UP IN THE RED ZONE (and GZ can hit from 70 yds or greater). We need to score at least 3 or 4 touchdowns. And we also need to own the ball as much as possible (Hear that SJ39 and D-Rich?), because the Packers have adapted to their lack of a running game and can score quickly and often thru the air. There's no true #1 WR now that Jennings is out, so our D will have to keep track of the whole receiving crew - primarily Cobb, Nelson and Jones, plus a little from TEs Crabtree and Finley (if he plays).

We have a number of things in our favor - home court (for a change) - there's no home like dome for Legat Greg Z. And I think the Packers have been hit harder by injuries to key players than us. They just happened to be deeper in the first place. So, great litmus test for the Rams. Fisher must be licking his stache!

In honor of our 'Got Milk?' friends - some Cheese Art

Some Russian dudes perhaps? - No, Mt. Cheesemore!

If my heart was a bedroom, it would look like this.
Keep pumpin that cheddar lil dude!

Cool, Ricky Schroder and Howard Sprague from Mayberry!

Cheesy Louisey - Doug's Imaginary GF offering a snack

You gotta get one of these paint jobs for your pick-up

This is real and supposedly from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Wonder what his seat really looks like. Maybe this?

Here's some other interesting vehicle art

That's it for now. Let's kick some dairy a$$ this Sunday!!!!

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