Grading each positional group

here is my grades for each positional gorup thru 4 games and some predictions for the rest of the season.

First up is the


---------------Tackles ------- Sacks

Quinn---------- 9--------------- 3

Long ------------ 7------------ 2

Langford ---------3---------- 0

Simms ----------4 -----------1

Hayes----------- 9 ------------0

Cudjo ----------- 3------------ 0

Heard -----------4 ----------- 0

Brockers-------- 0------------- 0

Conrath ----No games

The Rams Dline is a promising group with a lot of talent ( 3 first round picks on the line) but hasn't played to its potential yet. the rams have 6 sacks, all from the Dline which ranks 26th in the NFL but they do bring alot of pressure with some help from blitzes and the Rams pass D as a whole is very good allowing just 2 passing TDs. The run D is really where my problem with the Rams Dline is. Some of the trouble is not having Brockers in until last game (and he does need time to adjust) and also injuries to Conrath and laws are problems. Still i think we should do better against the run and i do feel once brockers gets a few games under his belt we will be tough. I look for the sack numbers to go up as the season goes as well as the rushing yards to go down. Grade thru 4 games- B


--------Tackles--- Sacks -- Interceptions ----------Tackles--Sacks --Interceptions

JL55 -----39-------- 0-------------- 0----- -Hull -----2 ----- 0 -------- ---------0

Dunbar ---25 -------- 0 ----------- 1 ----- Cole ------0 -----0------------------ 0

Mcintosh --13------- 0 ------------1

Haggan ----4 --------0------------ 0

The Linebackers were supposed to be our weakest point on defense and have been but they have had their moments and being the weakest group of our D isn't the worst thing. Dunbar has surprised this year and has made 3 or 4 key plays this year. JL is struggling a little bit but is still pretty good and our 3rd LB spot ,split between Haggan and Rocky have done a nice job this year. I would still like to see better angles on run plays but the pass D has been solid from this group. I think this group will stay consistent this season , not too good or too bad. Grade so far- B-

Defensive Backs

----------Tackles ---- Interceptions ---Pass Defends --------Tackles-- Interceptions--Pass Defends

Finnegan ---26 --------3 --------------------6 --------- Johnson--- 1 -------1 --------------1

Jenkins -----20 ---------- 1 ---------------- 4----------- Dahl ------- 23------- 0 -------------0

Fletcher ------8 -----------1------------------ 5---------- Mikkel------ 24------- 0------------ 0

Mcleod --------4 ---------- 0 -----------------0---------- Daniels ------------ No stats

This group has been amazing, Better then i could have dreamed. 6 INTs lead all Corner back groups and 8 team int also lead the NFL. opposing QBs have had a hard time finding holes in this group. The only weak spot is Dahl and even Mikkel hasn't been so good but so far it has been hidden by the great play of the CBs. Grade - A

Offensive Line

Richardson , Dahl, Wells, Turner ,Saffold, Hunter, Ojinnaka,Smith, Nysekhe

We all know about the Injuries and troubles this group has faced this year. Even after all this mess they still have managed to keep us in games. They have done a terrible job run blocking, and a decent job pass blocking(lately). they still give up the most sacks in the NFL (14) and the running game is been hampered by the injuries to Saffold and Wells. Grade- C- (A for effort)

Wide Receivers

---------------Catches ---Yards---- Touchdowns---- Catches ---Yards ----Touchdowns

Amendola ----31 ---------351 -------- 2----------- Quick ----1 ------19 ---------0

Gibson --------10 -------- 151-------- 2 ----------- Pettis --- 2------- 22-------- 0

Smith ----------5 -----------70 -------------0

Givens --------3 ---------- 61 ------------- 0

This group has done OK at times but has left much to be desired. Amendola has been a beast , the rest of the group has pretty much been non existent most of the time. Gibson has shown flashes but disappears most of the time. The Rookies haven't played much but have shown a few flashes last game, Pettis is back after the suspension and did good in his few targets last week , hopefully he gets more playing time and Smith has been unseated by Quick. this group has the potential to be ok but they need more Givens/ Quick and less Gibson. Grade- C


--------------Yards-- Touchdowns--- Interceptions----Completion -----% Rating

Bradford ------881 -------4 ------------------4 -------------------61----------------- 80

Klemens -------no stats

Davis ------------no stats

Sam has had 1 great game, 1 good game (det),1 ok game (sea), and one bad game (chi). He doesn't have much to work with in terms of WRs , pass pro, and no running game to take pressure off. we saw against Washington , what happens when you give him some time and a decent running game to work with. we need to line to step up so we can see this man shine , like i think he will. Grade- C+

Running Backs

---------------Carries---- Yards--- Average---- Touchdowns--- / Receptions-- Yards-- TDs

SJ39------------ 59------- 195-------- 3.3 -------------0------------------ 7 ------------48----- 0

Richardson---- 27------- 135 ------- 5.0------------ 0------------------ 5------------ 36 ----- 0

Pead ----------------- No stats

This group played very well against Washington but hasn't gotten much room the rest of the year and besides a few Big runs from Richardson and SJ have not been able to find consistent running room. I blame most of the problems on the Line. I have re-watched all rams games this year and the line has allowed the D to bully them right into the Rams RBs. you would have to have superpowers to gain yards on some of these attempts. still Richardson has surprised a lot of us and has done a great job for a 7th rounder , SJ39 needs some holes and he will be fine. Pead is the only big concern but we still haven't seen him this year so i cant say too much about him. I think once the line is healthy we will be fine here but until then it might be a little rough. Grade- C+

Special Teams

--------------------FGM ------FGA------ Long

Legatron ---------- 12 -------12 -------60

------------------Punts ------Average ----------Inside 20-------- Long

Hekker---------- 18 ----------46.6---------------- 4----------------- 66

Here is the Rams BEST group. Legatron is the best kicker in the NFL. yes i said and he is on all my fantasy teams (sweet). Hekker is doing a great job this year and was even nominated for rookie of the week in week 2. Grade- A+

Dline - B

LBs - B-

DBs - A

Oline - C-

WRs - C

QB - C+

RBs- C+

ST - A+

Overall - B+

Go Rams

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