Offensive Talent For 2013

Keenan Allen Keenan Allen #21 of the California Golden <a class='sbn-auto-link' href=''>Bears</a> is tackled by Marshall Jones #27 of the USC Trojans during the second quarter at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on October 16, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

Wide receiver is still an important need for The Rams. Brian Quick may prove to be a great selection, at this point he is adapting to the big jump in competition. This offense seems as if it could use additional receivers with size and physicality.

Injuries have plagued the O-line. Scott Wells and Rok Watkins have both went down early. Saffold is out as well. Little depth can be found from the O-Line positions. The interior O-Line has especially struggled. The 2013 Draft may provide help.

Running back is another position that could be addressed. SJAX is competing, but his groin injury is a concern. Richardson has looked good thus far. Pead is a special teams guy primarily. Ganaway is a question mark going forward.

Tight End is a position that can be improved upon as well, especially a tight end who can stretch the field. This would take more defenders out of the box and open up the running game, and the intermediate area of the field.

I will list offensive players that I have viewed so far in the college season; players which may benefit The Rams in 2013 from the offensive side of the ball. I will not speculate as to what The Rams might do with the two first round picks. They may keep both or trade for more picks. My focus will remain on the players and which round they might be available.

Wide Receiver:

Keenan Allen, Cal 6'3 210. The thing that stands out about Allen is his ability after the catch. He is very fluid and elusive. His physicality cannot be understated, as he will effectively fight for every contested ball whether single or double covered. Thus far in 2012 Allen has: 33 Rec's, 388 Yards, 2 TD's. 1st Round.

Justin Hunter, Tenn 6'4 200. Hunter has looked rusty at times coming off an ACL injury, which caused him to miss most of 2011. Some of the explosiveness is still not back, but is gradually returning. At this point, he has demonstrated his ability to consistently get behind defenders, and quickness in and out of his breaks. Hunter at this point in the season has: 33 Rec's, 456 Yards, and 4 TD's. 1st Round.

Da'Rick Rodgers, Tenn Tech 6'3 210. The former Tenn Volunteer was dismissed and is now playing for Tech. The physicality, body control, and competiveness is still there. In other words Rodgers has first round ability. However due to his off-field conduct, he may very well fall to round two. It is my opinion that he will not fall further than that, unless another off-field issue arrives, which will cause him to plummet to the late rounds, or become an UDFA. Against Oregon, Rodgers displayed his talents against a very good Duck secondary. He ran a screen pass in for a TD. On the season Rodgers has: 26 Rec's, 402 Yards, 3 TD's. Due to off-field concerns, Rodgers will likely fall to rounds 2-3

Luke Joeckel

Offensive Tackle:

Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M 6'6 310. The big-man performed well against a fast Florida defense. He demonstrated quickness with his feet, and an ability to effectively deal will speed rushers. First Round.

Jake Matthews, Texas A&M 6'5 310. Very solid from a technical standpoint. Plays mean and loves to finish plays. Talented enough to play both tackle spots equally well. First Round.

Oday Aboushi, VA 6'6 310.Very athletic with quick feet. IMO he is more effective as a run blocker. This is not to say that his pass pro is weak, on the contrary, it is solid but in my eyes his run blcking is better. Second Round,

Emmett Cleary,Boston College 6'7 313. Plays with good balance and bower. Looked very athletic against Miami and Clemson. Big test coming up Oct 13 against Fla St. At this point I would say that Cleary is a 2nd -4th round selection.

John Wetzel, Boston College 6'7 302. Cleary's teamate is a force in his own right. A smart player with power and athleticism. 4th-6th Round.

Larry Warford

Offensive Guard:

Larry Warford, Kentucky 6'3 320. Warford is IMO, one of the best OG's in the country. Very quick and agile with a strong base, Warford open lanes for his running backs consistently. He waste no time getting to the second level in search of LB's which he often does bad things to. His hands are quick and powerful. I think Warford is a first round talent. Realistically he is more likely to be selected in rounds two or three.

Gabe Jackson, Miss St 6'4 320. Solid run blocker with skill in pass protection. Rounds 3-6

Travis Bond, N.C. 6'6 340. Very talented player. Could possibly play either OG spots effectively. Rounds 4-7.

South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore, looks for a hole in the Missouri defensive line as he rushes for a first down during the first half of an NCAA college football game, at Williams-Brice St

Running Backs:

Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina 6'0 218. Coming back from a knee injury in 2011, Lattimore has played very well so far. In 2012 he has : 92 Rushes, 440 Yards, and 8 TD's. Lattimore is an effective receiver as well: 16 Rec's, 109 Yards. Thus far Lattimore has displayed explosiveness and burst. He has great vision and is a decisive runner. For a big back he is very elusive, He also has the power to get yards after initial contact. A complete back, Lattimore iis a very real threat as a receiver. Round 1.

LeVeon Bell, Mich St 6'2 244. A complete running back with surprising agility for his size, Bell is more than just a power back. He has excellent balance and vision. Bell is also a patient runner. He is an every down back with the ability to pass-protect and catch the ball out of the backfield. So far in 2012 Bell has : 134 Rushes, 655 Yards, and 5 TD's. As a receiver he has: 20 Rec's for 120 Yards. Due to his lack of breakaway speed, Bell is likely to be drafted in rounds 3-4.

D.J. Harper, Boise St 5'9 205. The fifth year senior has had a solid year: 81 Rushes, 380 Yards, 3 TD's. As a receiver he has: 8 Rec's, 75 Yards, and 1 TD. Harper is also a return man: 5 KR for 115 Yards. The thing that comes across is the power this kid demonstrates. Oftentimes he will not go down upon initial contact. His fearlessness is also apparent the way he attacks the hole decisively. A versatile and explosive player who could be in demand on draft day. At this point I could see Harper as a 3rd-6th Round selection.


Tight End:

C.J Fiedorowicz, Iowa 6'7 265. A former high school basketball four year letterman, Fiedorwicz is an athletic player on the football field as well. He looks like a complete TE who can block and create mismatches in the passing game. In 2012 he has: 10 Rec's for 109 Yards. My bet is that he gets selected between rounds 4-6.

Zach Ertz, Stanford 6'6 252. Ertz came up big gainst USC. Great hands and an ability to run after the catch, will likely put the talented TE in great demand. Ertz has accounted for: 15 Rec's, 252 Yards, and 1 TD. Rounds 2-3.

These are a few offensive players that I would like The Rams to consider in April 2013. Opinions and disagreements are always welcome.

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