Should the Rams look at Dwayne Bowe?



I know this topic has been on a couple of times, but I though I'd add my two cents.

Dwayne Bowe is unsettled at KC. We have known this for sometime. Now supposedly he is asking for a trade. This could just be a rumor, and may not lead to anything. However, lets assume it did lead to something. Lets also assume the Rams are looking at him. Its makes some sense. The Rams need a No.1. There previous No.1 got injured, and could be out for a bit. They need someone who can make the big play. Yes, the Rams wrs were impressive against the Dolphins, but do you expect it to last? We can't tell right now, and seriously, Gibson only showed up in the fourth quarter, and most of our yards were deep strikes to Givens. We need someone who can constantly move the chains.

Bowe Show V - Don't Need Money, Don't Take Fame, Don't Need No Scott Pioli To Ride This Train (via MegaWarpSpeed)

The above video is one of Dwayne Bowe. I know its only his highlights, but you got to admit, those are some pretty good highlights. If you watched the whole video, you may notice the same four plays I did. One, the first play, He gets by a Minnesota corner back with ease, even making the corner back fall down. He then catches the ball, makes a guy miss, then instead of running waits for the guy behind him to run past him, then make him miss, and go in for the TD. An amazing play, if perhaps a one every 100 times kind of play. Two, the play he ran on Champ Bailey towards the end. He ran a good route, using some burst and speed, and got past one of the better corner backs you would see. Three. His catch against Indianapolis. In the end zone, he had defensive pass interference all over him, but shrugged of the defender, and then stretched out his hand to catch a ball, far to his left. He juggled the ball in toward his hand, while balanced on one foot none the less, and got the TD. Simply a great play. And four, his leaping catch against Revis. Not an outstanding play, but one that shows his leaping and catching ability.

What are the problems though?

1) What will be KC's asking price? Would it be too high? In my opinion, anything over a single second rounder in 2014 is too high. Why? Because KC obviously have not paid him, and it seems that he wants out. teams know they could get him next year in FA, and would only offer a pick/player for convenience. I think a third rounder would be good, considering what Marshall went for.

2) What would Bowe's salary be like? He would definitely want a lot of money. A no.1 wr type money. For me, if Bowe produces on the same level as he does at KC, I would be fine with a 5 years/45Million kind of contract. If I were the Rams however, I would do something like this. Maybe give up a better pick and have KC pay some of his salary, like what we did with Jason Smith. The other idea, is to give him a incentive based contract that pays more later. Therefore, based on his production, he get more more money this year, and the years after he gets 9+ million a year. That way the Rams get to have a look at Bowe, and how he fits. Bowe on the other hand, gets money based on his play. Bowe may not agree to this, as he seems to want money, but there is the chance he just wants to get out of KC. And since he would still get payed, this is just to help our low cap room this year, due to the Chris Long and JL re-signings.

3) Would Bowe even want to come here? He may not get his best production here, with the Rams offensive woes, and the Rams have been a bad team for some time now. I think he would, as one, he is still in MO, and that means no big relocating issues (small I know, but still something to point out) also the Rams seem to be on the rise. He has a better QB in Sam Bradford, and probably more looks as a WR, due to the competition being so low.

I feel a trade, if ever possible, and for the right price, is a good deal, as the Rams get someone for Sam Bradford who can be a No.1, meaning they don't need to draft someone next year, and wait for him to develop. It would make the Rams instantly competitive and help Sam become much better, with someone who can make a catch go the distance. He is also an asset to the running game, causing teams to have someone to focus on. If Bowe works out for the Rams, it also lets us work more on getting guys at positions like safety and O-line.

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