Weekly Mailbag - Cut That 'Mea' Kicker Edition!

Hello again TST! After a brief hiatus from posting this last week (personal reasons), I've returned. Lots of interesting things went down in the NFL this Sunday. A lot of fantasy games were left in a lurch after your main superstars failed to produce and their stats were vultured by lesser known teammates. It was one of those weeks when the NFL proves that whatever you know, the exact opposite happens.

The one standby that we've all grown accustomed to seeing is one Peyton Manthing (shoutout if you know where this reference is from) going nuts on Monday Night football. I'm not going to specifically comment towards Norv Turner's job status but for him to last this long, he must have dirty pictures of Lord of No Rings and the owner *winks and nods*. Another pillar of the league is that Seattle has an awesome home field advantage and boy, did they ever need every minute of it against the Patriots. Russell Wilson is this year's Tim Tebow. He isn't the greatest QB in the world but with a great defense and unflinching confidence, he just wins. RG3 is a boss as well. Heck, even Brandon Weeden and Ryan Tannehill are showing signs of competency. In the sophomore QB division, Andy Dalton and Christian Ponder have played decently this year, Jake Locker has shown flashes when healthy, Blaine Gabbert still sucks, and Cam Newton is a fake douchetastic diva.

Tuesday was a day of change as well. The Eagles fired their DC Juan Castillo after finally realizing that it was a questionable hire at best. The Browns fired Mike Holmgren after getting their new rich guy owner approved by the other rich guy owners. Both moves were highly expected but not this soon. I expect Andy Reid at the end of the year to "resign" to take some time off with family. The man has endured way too much stuff that no good man should endure in a lifetime. I also expect Pat Shurmur to get fired from the Browns since new owner = new front office in most cases.

In other sad news, My beloved Yankees are about to be swept by the Tigers (who are my second favorite MLB team). The loss of both Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter to catastrophic injuries is too much to bear in one season. I also loved the Braves fans finally showing some passion for a change, albeit misguided passion. As with every mailbag, you can ask me about anything. I can be contacted via these mediums:


Twitter: @nolesunited247

(Note: if you email me questions/comments/suggestions, please use the subject heading of 'TST Mailbag' when you do so I know who it is and please leave a comment in the email if it's OK or not to use your name when I post the email questions on here after the jump. Thanks!)

Thoughts on the Rams:

Offense - Nothing new to see here except Steven Jackson is losing significant carries to 7th round pick Daryl Richardson. Brandon Gibson and Chris Givens played pretty decently with the loss of Danny Amendola last week (looks like I was right about him in the offseason). I'm not putting much stock in the pass offense given the quality of the pass defense the Fish offered up so far this year.

Defense - The defense played great given all the stupid fluke plays the Phins had. They held 2012 superstar back Reggie Bush to 12 carries for a CJ-2.0ypc like 17 yards. Brian Hartline was completely and utterly shut down.

Overall - The game was missed opportunities that the Rams could've won. It also showed that Fisher loves his small school late round projects with Richardson stealing lots of carries from the warhorse Jackson. Greg Zuerlein may be called Legatron but he's no Seabass. My boy Seabass the Polish Powderkeg would've made the FGs and nailed that 66 yarder in his sleep from 70+. However, to his credit, the kicks Zuerlein missed was on a very windy day.

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