Turf Show Times: Ramdude's RAMblins 10/14

Good Morning (or afternoon as the case may be). As I look toward the Miami game today, I am happy about a number of things, Ram-wise:

  • We're playing a rookie QB on a good, but beatable, team
  • Our D (particularly front 7) probably had the most fun playing last week of any time since they became Rams, and they GOTERDONE. The high energy has to spill over into this week going up against said rookie QB
  • The team got extra rest after a brutal game last Thursday, plus more time to get the WRs adjusted to their new, stepped-up roles w/o Danny playing
  • Our special teams crew is getting the spotlight they justly deserve
  • Sam is starting to show his potential as we figure out how to protect him better and receivers start catching balls more frequently for a change
  • Put me in Coach!
  • We're still 3.5 pt underdogs - love sneakin up from behind

Just wish I could see it. BTW, we'll be reunited with our old friend, Richie Incognito (photo), in this game. We need to Finnegan him all up and get him to make some mistakes like he used to do to us. Still a hot head, but a little more controlled now after moving around the league.

But speaking of da rookie, last week against Cinci, Ryan Tannehill (has he earned acronym status yet? - RT1) completed 17 of 26 passes for 223 yards with no TDs or INTs. He had a passer rating of 92.3 which is his best yet. The game brought his rating for the season up to 70.4, but that's still 30th in the league. Sam's is only 78.6, so let's not get all uppity about it.

RT1 spread the ball around well for a new guy. But the winning touchdowns came from 1 and 13 yard runs by Thomas and Bush. He's fairly mobile but rushed for -4 yards, all kneel downs at the end of the half and the game.

Receiving REC/ YDS/ TD/ LG
B. Hartline 4 59 0 30
D. Bess 2 49 0 28
C. Clay 3 35 0 24
A. Fasano 3 28 0 13
R. Bush 2 24 0 21
J. Lane 2 20 0 15
D. Thomas 1 8 0 8


Flipper - WAS A GIRL!?!?

All this Talk about the Dolphins and not a Word on Flipper??

Not on my Watch!

The whole Ricks family, plus 1

For the youngstahs in da house and old folks who don't remember too good, Flipper was a TV show on NBC that ran from September 19, 1964, until April 15, 1967. At least that's what Wikipedia says - good enough for me.

It was kind of a combination of My Three Sons (single dad with boys - were Moms too expensive back then?) and Lassie of the Seas with a dolphin instead of a dog. The main thing I remember is the dolphin always splashing water on people and making that strange dolphin noise.

The boys were named Sandy and Bud Ricks. The father's (Porter - strange name) only job was to come running when Flipper told him one of the boys was in trouble by splashing water on people and making that strange dolphin noise. The boys were always in trouble, but it was never their fault. Lots of pirates I guess.

The other thing I remember is that, although they lived in Florida, at least one of the boys had a Jersey accent. He called Flipper - Flippah. He'd say stuff like "Hey, Flippah. Take dis hea 'package' ova ta Johnny da Nose's reef real quick-like or I turn ya inta Mahi-mahi ova rice. An tell him he's late on his payments. I don like people who's late. Unerstan?" That's the way I remember it, but it's been a while.

In doing something like 5 minutes of extensive and exhausting research for this article, I learned (also from the Wiki) that:

"Flipper was played at first by a female dolphin named Susie, though primarily by another female, Kathy, and occasionally by other females named Patty, Scotty and Squirt. Female dolphins were chosen because they are less aggressive than males and their skins (unlike the skins of male dolphins) are usually free from scars and other disfigurations acquired in altercations with other dolphins. The five dolphins performed all of Flipper's thespian chores except the famous tail walk, a trick they were unable to master completely. A male dolphin named Clown was brought in for scenes involving the tail walk. The famous "voice" of Flipper was actually the doctored song of a kookaburra."

In the second season, Flipper got a "girlfriend" named Lorelei. Maybe that explains Lorelei's unusual affinity for flannel. So not only was Lassie a boy dog, Flipper was a girl dolphin except when she needed to show off.

Wow, the 60's was a special time.

Here's Something on The Walking Dead

From past discussions, I know some of you are fans of The Walking Dead on AMC, like me. The first episode of Season 3 premiers this Sunday at 9PM EDT.

The above link is an article from Co.Create that tells how executive producer Glen Mazzara does his thang. There's also a Comic-Con Trailer for Season 3 at the end for your amusement.

Feast on it!

And Here's Just Some Stuff

Enjoy - from Imgur Gallery.

Let's hope Quinn and Long meet frequently at the quarterback, and we fill the Danny void with some exceptional catches from the "other guys."

Have a great weekend!

Oh, finally got my Poll Powers back. So here's one at the bottom.

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