Meet The Browns - All Rams Mock Draft, Coaching and GM Choices, And Key FA Pickups

110 Days, 15 Hours 26 minutes Until 2012 NFL Draft

With the coaching and GM vacancies still open for the Rams the draft is "almost" here. I would like to think that Rams fans are not the only ones that can't wait for the draft during the season. That is why I think it is critical for the Rams to sign a big name head coach. If we don't and suffer another miss I fear we may end up like the Cubs and look forward to the next year every season.

That in mind I feel the Rams should sign the lead candidate thus far Jeff Fisher. I would love the move simply because we know what we will get out of him, which is something you would not get from a first time head coach. Through his 16 years as head coach he has been a part of the drafting and UDFA signings of 16 pro bowl players.

And as for the GM position I think Atlanta Falcons director of player personnel Les Snead would be a nice fit along with an experienced coach like Fisher. Josh McDaniels won't be with the Rams in 2012 so all non handshakes aside someone who could be a possible replacement is former KC head coach Todd Haley. And if the relationship is good he could bring along wide receiver Dwayne Bowe into the mix, to replace Brandon Lloyd's much needed place in the line up. I imagine the rest of the staff including defensive and special teams coordinator will be Jeff Fisher's and the GM's past coaches and connections .

Speaking of Dwayne Bowe, he would be one of the key FA signings I would like to see along with Danny Amendola, Darian Stewart, a center and maybe a OLB or two. But really the key moves for the Rams Free Agency this year to me will be at the wide receiving position.

And now to finish it off, we go to the draft. The Colts with the first pick will obviously select Andrew Luck and the second pick of the draft will be Robert Griffin III. But it won't be the Rams because they MUST TRADE DOWN WITH THE BROWNS. In return I would like to see us get their first (via Falcons), second and third round picks in 2012 and a second and/or third in 2013 just depending on the bidding war. If we do the Rams will have successfully set themselves up in a win win situation for the draft. By that I mean it doesn't matter if the Vikings pick Matt Kalil or Justin Blackmon with the third pick, because either way we end up with one of them plus the bundle of picks we received to stack our team.This mock draft is made to the "worst case scenario" by popular opinion, because the Vikings have selected Justin Blackmon leaving us with Matt Kalil. I added a compensatory third round pick (3c) for the Brandon Lloyd trade and him not resigning, that is what was said when the trade first happened and if he signed somewhere else for big bucks.

1a. Matt Kalil OT USC

Matt Kalil at 6'6'' 295 did not allow one sack all season and last season he proved his skill by forcing the ninth overall pick in last years draft Tyron Smith play right tackle. Enough said.

1b. Alshon Jeffery WR South Carolina

Alhon Jeffery simply has not had a great year. You can probably blame that on poor QB play, but some of it was on his lack of elite speed and poor route running skills not allowing him to get any separation when being doubled. That being said he is still 6'4'' 229 and has exceptional hands and ability to go up and get it. Taking him on just pure potential would be a smart thing to do.

2a. Dontari Poe DT Memphis

Dontari Poe is a monster. He is 6'5'' 350 and is most likely the strongest player in the whole draft. Poe's specialty is run stopping as you can imagine using his huge body and strength to push o linemen off to the side. In a 3 year career Poe has put up 5 sacks and 87 tackles.

2b. Jayron Hosley CB Virginia Tech

Jayron Hosley has not had the 9 int year he had in 2010 and is undersized at 5'10'' 172. But Hosley has all the skill to cover a Calvin Johnson in the NFL and could be the biggest steal in the draft come draft time.

3a. Doug Martin RB Boise State

At 5'9'' 210 Doug Martin is the Ray Rice of this draft. He has incredibly strong legs making him almost impossible to tackle one on one. Martin does not have breakaway speed but has great quickness and vision to find big holes in the defense much like Mark Ingram from last year. We all saw the impact of Cadillac Williams in his role. Can you imagine Martin in the same role who is younger and stronger.

3b. Travis Lewis OLB

The 6'2'' 228 Oklahoma four year starter and later named captain outside linebacker Travis Lewis would fill one out of two of our position of need OLB right away in 2012. He has great instincts and can play both the run and pass very well using is athleticism and solid tackling technique.

3c. Kevin Zeitler OG Wisconsin

Kevin Zeitler at 6'4'' 318 is part of that beast Wisconsin o line and can start right away for the Rams at left guard improving the position over Jacob Bell who has been average. When it's all said and done he could be another steal for the Rams and suddenly making our o line an above average crew.

4. Mike Daniels DT Iowa

Mike Daniels is only 6'0'' 280 so he might want to put on a little more mass before the draft or else he will fall. But he might be my favorite pick in this draft because next to Poe we will have a legit defensive line. Daniels' senior year he had 9 sacks and made 64 tackles.

6. Jeff Demps RB Florida

It seems like this is a pick that a lot of Rams fans would like especially in the late rounds. Demps at 5'8'' 191 has track sprinters speed which has been something the Rams haven't had for a while. His rookie year he would kick return and come in on occasion on third and long to add some change to the running game.

7. Kellen Moore QB Boise State

The only reason Kellen Moore will fall here is because he is 6'0'' 195 and has one of the weaker arms in the draft. And he may even measure in shorter at the combine. But Kellen Moore is highly accurate and might have the best work ethic in the draft. I think he would be great next to Bradford by pushing him to study at his level, though I'm not saying that Bradford doesn't work hard.

- You may have noticed but in case you didn't, they are all PLAY MAKERS!

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