Free Agents to Consider

I'll let you draft pundits hash it out for 2012 Draft.I don't watch much College Football and what I do know, is what all of you post here. So you all go for it! But I will touch on Free Agents that may fall into the Rams budget range depending on the choice to trade draft picks which may cut into this. And surely it will depend on the incoming management also.

First thing- Re-sign Lloyd , Amendola and keep/re-sign Clemons as Back-up QB. Lloyd and Clemons proved their worth and Amendola (even if he's 90% from before) does change the way defenses game plan for the Rams. Now by position, these players need to be considered (please update me if any of these players are no longer available):

QB- Covered

RB- I'd keep Williams. We might be able to afford Tolbert (SD), maybe two yrs. I like Bush from Oakland. Maybe Steve Slayton (Mia) if he's healthy.

WR- We really won't be able to afford these players. But you never know what trade magic could happen. Bowe(KC) would be my 1st choice, then maybe Mechim(NO) or Garcon(IND). How great it would be if we could get Ginn(SF) for our return guy. Miller is ok for punts, but we sucked on kick-off returns no matter how good the blocking was.

TE- If McD is retained(I doubt it though with all the open OC positions), this may be the position that we may spend a little$. These are all front liners and my choices in order even if McD isn't here. Finley(GB, who maybe too pricy if they win SB again), Davis (Wash, maybe trade possibility), Lewis (Jax) and Olsen (Panthers).

Guard- I still think Guard is the biggest need though free agency. Again these shouldn't be too pricy. Grubbs(Balt) and Ugon(NYG).

Tackle-With such a premium on tackles, we just can't afford any of the decent ones. I do think Dahl and Staffold will be OK with Goldberg backing up. J. Smith (Battered Ram, not Battering Ram) might have some trade value.

Center- Another position of need. I do think this will happen though the draft or trade. Hardwick (SD) is the only FA I would consider.

DT- Solia(Mia) is also the only FA I like. Drafting at this position is more likely.

OLB- Depending on which defense we run with our new HC, will determine which way we go. I do like Spencer(DAL) and Johnson (Balt). I mentioned in another post moving Quinn to OLB. Keep Brady P. as a back-up and maybe we can get lucky in the draft here.

DB- Finnegan(TEN) no more four pillars to worry about, but can we afford him. Branch(Oak) is a good young talent. We should get healthy here in 2012 and the experience of the others will create some competition.

PK- J. Brown should be drop-kicked to oblivion. Draft!!!!!!

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