Can the Rams' draft be successful without a trade?


With all the trade rumors flying around like passes over Justin King's head, i thought i would offer a mock draft that hopefully a majority can walk away from without wanting Spagnuolo back. The only thing this draft is based off is that Lloyd re-signs, so before you read too far into this post just know that there will be no crazy trades, there won't be any 1st rounders falling to the 3rd... yes, even as much as us Rams fans wish we could pick Kalil and Blackmon that will not happen either. After the jump i will throw down some logic.

Round 1, Pick 2. Matt Kalil, OT, USC 6'7" 295lbs:
Every person that doesn't live under a rock knows that while Andrew Luck may be the most sure prospect at Quarterback since Peyton Manning; Matt Kalil might just be the safest pick in the entire draft. He has been compared to the likes of Jake Long. Which isn't a real stretch, he is extremely athletic, his footwork is advanced and he has long arms. His run blocking isn't top tier like his pass protection is, but that's something he will get better at in the NFL. Another note is that Sam Bradford is our franchise Quarterback, and unless we want to see him in a wheelchair along with our season by week 5, then we better draft someone to protect him.

Round 2, Pick 33. Alshon Jeffery, WR, USC 6"4' 229lbs:
While it can be argued that Jeffery does not fall this far, or that he has too many questions. What about his work ethic, what about him getting fat, he gets jammed at the line, the questions go on... but i wont even entertain the questions. Did he have a less than spectacular season? Yes, but he is unquestionably a big play kind of guy. He can go over the middle, he can make the jump ball, he shows that he has the hands. The only question i ask about drafting him at number 33 is, why did numbers 4-32 not grab him? his WORST production numbers were the 4 weeks after Marcus Lattimore went down with an injury, with no running back worth a worry, teams game planned for Alshon. After a 4 reception for 148 yards bowl game against Nebraska i have no questions on his work ethic, trying to make "safe picks" is the reason why we have failed in past drafts.

Round 3, Pick 66. Travis Lewis, OLB, OU 6'2" 227lbs:
Now i'm not going to lie... i thought about going DT here, but i chose against it because we have had a need at OLB for so long that i'm tired of passing it up year after year. Lewis was a lock for a first round pick last year, but his decision to stay in school hurt his stock due to injury and a slight decline in performance. This obviously means he would be a steal here, the only thing that would help us out is the fact that he is coming off of a foot injury, and foot injuries have a nasty problem with showing back up. He is a big guy that can make tackles and also plays good in coverage. He is surprisingly fast for running a 4.6-4.7 40' Next to JL55 he could be a lock for a starter from day 1. The one question that Lewis has never found after his name is one on work ethic, he has been a hard worker from the moment he stepped onto the field as a freshman.

Round 4, 96. Alameda Ta'amu, DT, Washington 6'3" 337lbs:
Here is a big Defensive Tackle that can help anchor our line, while i'm not sure he's going to be the answer at DT for the next 10 years, i feel as if he will be able to plug up holes and help against the run. Also he is pretty good at finding ways to put pressure on the QB. His stats don't show a lot of sacks but they don't account for the attention he requires from opponents O-lines. If he can get the other O-line to give him a second look he will open up lanes for Chris Long and Robert Quinn, which i could see having monster seasons with a DT like this stuffing the middle of the field.

Round 6, 162. Asa Jackson, CB, Cal Poly 5'11" 190lbs:
This one is a late gem i think. He runs a 4.40 40' but he plays in the FCS so he will be over looked while he has showns some flashes of talent. If he falls this far there is no reason not to draft him. i see him as a starter by mid season. If he doesnt become a starter he can return kicks and he will add depth at CB, as i dont see king or harris playing in rams uniforms next year.

Round 7, Adonis Thomas, RB, Toledo 5'10, 185lbs:
I think of Adonis as Lamichael James 2.0, the only difference is he played for Toledo and not a fast paced high octane offense like the Ducks. The benefit is he falls to the 7th or even undrafted. He would be a great change of pace back with incredible breakaway speed (4.45 40'). He already has experience with catching the ball, having 31 receptions for 327 yards in 2010. Also he has experience on special teams, and not only as a return man.

So there you have it, a 7 round mock draft that had no trades, it included a few players sliding but no one really knows what will happen come draft time, and i'm all out of tea leaves. Feel free to add your input or any questions you may have.

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