January 3rd Mock Draft (2 Rounds)

(Disclaimer: Brace yourselves for impending wall o' text)

It's tough doing a mock draft in january. For one, a lot of things are based around certain sets of assumptions, most of which are impossible to predict. Nevertheless, as I was thinking about rams draft possibilities (as I have been most of the season, because frankly, after the world series, I needed something to keep me sane) I decided to give it a shot.

Biggest assumption: Rams trade #2 pick to Washington for Washington's 2012 1st round, 2012 2nd Round, and 2013 1st Round pick. (EDIT: Other mid-round picks in either year will likely also be included, I did not specify because they did not impact this particular mock) As much as I would love Cleveland to be the trade partner to give us a good shot at Blackmon, I just don't see Cleveland pulling the trigger. It'll likely come down to Washington vs. Miami, and I see Snyder winning out. With this in mind, here's how I see the first two rounds of the 2012 draft playing out:

First Round:

1. Colts: Andrew Luck/QB (Stanford)

2. 'Skins (from Rams): Robert Griffin III/QB (Baylor)

3. Vikings: Matt Kalil/OT (USC)

4. Browns: Justin Blackmon/WR (Oklahoma State)

5. Bucs: Morris Claiborne/CB (LSU)

6. Rams (from 'Skins): Jonathan Martin/OT (Stanford)

7. Jags: Alshon Jeffery/WR (South Carolina)

8. Panthers: Dre Kirkpatrick/CB ('Bama)

9. Dolphins: Riley Reiff/OT (Iowa)

10. Bills: Courtney Upshaw/DE-OLB ('Bama)

11. Chiefs: David DeCastro/G (Stanford)

12. Seahawks: Quinton Coples/DE (UNC)

13. Cardinals: Luke Kuechly/ILB (Boston College)

14. Cowboys: Devon Still/DT-DE (Penn State)

15. Eagles: Michael Floyd/WR (Notre Dame)

16. Jets: Whitney Mercilus/DE-OLB (Illinois)

17. Bengals (from Raiders): Trent Richardson/RB ('Bama)

18. Chargers: Cordy Glenn/G (Georgia)

19. Da Bears: Melvin Ingram/DE (South Carolina)

20. Titans: Peter Konz/C (Wisconsin)

21. Broncos: Alfonzo Dennard/CB (Nebraska)

22. Lions: Janoris Jenkins/CB (North Alabama)

23. Texans: Kendall Wright/WR (Baylor)

24. Giants: Vontaze Burfict/ILB (Arizona State)

25. Bengals: Mark Barron/S ('Bama)

26. Browns (from Falcons): Landry Jones/QB (Oklahoma)

27. Steelers: Donta' Hightower/ILB ('Bama)

28. Niners: Fletcher Cox/DT-DE (Mississippi State)

29. Patriots (from Saints): Brandon Jenkins/DE-OLB (Florida State)

30. Patriots: Markelle Martin/S (Oklahoma State)

31. Ravens: Nick Perry/DE-OLB (USC)

32. Packers: Vinny Curry/DE-OLB (Marshall)

Second Round:

33. Rams: Zach Brown/OLB (UNC)

34. Colts: Stephon Gilmore/CB (South Carolina)

35. Vikings: Chase Minnifield/CB (Virginia)

36. Browns: Mike Adams/OT (Ohio State)

37. Bucs: Ronnell Lewis/OLB (Oklahoma)

38. Rams (from 'Skins): Dwight Jones/WR (UNC)

39. Jags: Jayron Hosley/CB (Virginia Tech)

40. Panthers: Brandon Thompson/DT (Clemson)

41. Dolphins: Barrett Jones/OT ('Bama)

42. Bills: Mohamed Sanu/WR (Rutgers)

43. Chiefs: Alameda Ta'Amu/NT (Washington)

44. Seahwaks: Ryan Tannehill/QB(Texas A&M)

45. Eagles (from Cardinals): Dontari Poe/DT (Memphis)

46. Cowboys: Andre Branch/DE-OLB (Clemson)

47. Eagles: Matt Reynolds/OT (BYU)

48. Jets: Nick Toon/WR (Wisconsin)

49. Patriots (from Raiders): Jerel Worthy/DT-DE (Michigan State)

50. Chargers: Jared Crick/DT-DE (Nebraska)

51. Da Bears: Kelechi Osemele/G (Iowa State)

52. Titans: Lavonte David/OLB (Nebraska)

53. Broncos: Lamar Miller/RB (Miami)

54. Lions: Nate Potter/OT (Boise State)

55. Texans: Josh Chapman/NT ('Bama)

56. Giants: Dwayne Allen/TE (Clemson)

57. Bengals: Casey Hayward/CB (Vanderbilt)

58. Browns: Chris Polk/RB (Washington)

59. Steelers: Montee Ball/RB (Wisconsin)

60. Niners: Bruce Irvin/DE-OLB (West Virginia)

61. Saints: Travis Lewis/OLB (Oklahoma)

62. Patriots: Tommy Streeter/WR (Miami)

63. Ravens: Bobby Wagner/ILB (Utah State)

64. Packers: Billy Winn/DT-DE (Boise State)

Players left whom the Rams could pick in 3rd Round in this scenario: David Wilson/RB (Virginia Tech), LaMichael James/RB (Oregon), Kevin Zeitler/G (Wisonsin), Ben Jones/C (Georgia), Kawann Short/DT (Purdue), Derrick Wolfe/DT (Cincinnati), Tank Carder/LB (TCU), Shaun Prater/CB (Iowa), Brandon Boykin/CB-KR(Georgia), Robert Lester/S ('Bama).

The Rams address their two biggest needs (OT and WR) while getting a bargain with Zach Brown and could still cover their need at RB, G, DT, CB, or S in the 3rd. Seems like a pretty desirable scenario, what do you think?

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