The Perfect Situation

Here is what you've all been waiting for!! Kidding, but seriously, read this awesome article I wrote. If things pan out this way, were on our way up!!

Currently, we are stuck with the #2 pick in the NFL Draft. Everybody and their moms know Andrew Luck is going #1 to the Colts, unless they trade down. I don't see the Colts passing up on a prospect as good as himself though. So that leaves us at #2, and RG3.

There are many teams this year that are picking fairly high that may not be able to land a franchise QB. Cleveland, Washington, possibly Jacksonville, Miami, and Seattle.

Ideally, the best situation would be for Cleveland to fall in love with RG3 and feel like they need to grab him. That would be great for us because they are picking at #4. We could then drop down to the #4 pick, with Cleveland sliding up to #2, and we could still get an extremely talented player. Our pick is approximately worth 2,600 points, while the Browns is only 1,800. They also have a pick in the 20's depending on how the Falcons do in the post season. Lets say hypothetically they end up at 24, that pick would be worth 740. Thats a total of 2,540. Yes, you know what this means. We trade our 1.2 pick for the Browns' 1.4 and 1.24.

That would be an amazing bargain on our end, you ask why? The Vikings are picking at #3. They already have a franchise QB in Ponder or Webb, and have a cast off LT called Charlie Johnson. And as you all know, Ponder has been demolished all season by opposing defenses leaving the Vikings with only 1 choice, drafting Matt Kalil, OT.

Hypothetical draft :

1, Colts : QB Andrew Luck
2, Browns : QB Robert Griffin III
3, Vikings : OT Matt Kalil
4, Rams : WR Justin Blackmon

You see how that plays out? We initially would have taken Blackmon at #2 anyways, why not drop down 2 spots, grab an extra first in the process, and still grab our franchise game breaking WR?

This would be the best scenario a Rams fan could ask for. That would mean our draft in just the first 2 rounds would be : 1.4, 1.24, and 2.33 (first pick in the 2nd round). 3 picks in the top 33 sounds amazing to me.

Lets hope the Browns fall in love with RG3 and feel the need to move up just to secure the pick, because at this point I think the Redskins and Dolphins would give up anything to move up to our pick and take RG3.

The start of a dynasty, all with a 70's pornstar

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