On to phase two

Now that the two main architects of this terrible team are gone we can focus on the rest of the rams roster.

QB- Sam B. - he had a terrible season, i say we trade him and draft RG3 but the more likely Scenario is he stays and hopefully with better coaching and talent around him we can win some games.

AJ- he will be gone, no talent and old.

Kellens- the same as AJ

RB- SJ- great season, he stays.

C williams- decent season, but he should go.

Norwood - i would keep him and see what he can do in the preseason. explosive player.

FB- Miller- he was ok but he should be cut.

TE- Kendicks-sucked but he has potential and probably will get better

Billy-sucks hes gone

Spach-sucks gone.

WR- B Lloyd resign him hes the real deal, good season with bad qb play

Gibson-the worst WR i have ever seen.

Amendola- keep

DX- keep as a 5th WR


Salas-keep decent season before the injury

curry- cut

OL- Saffold- keep , he had a bad season but he could turn it around.

Bell- cut , he is a waste a guard who cant run block

Brown- he is bad ,lazy and overpaid.he should go

Dahl- he is ok. keep him

Smith- huge bust , very soft. terrible player. cut


Wraggle- keep he had a decent season filling in

Levoir- cut , washed up.

DL- Long- great season. keep

Quinn- great rookie season, would have been better if he played more.keep

Hall- he did ok , is getting old but we need leadership keep.

SImms- cut , not really doing anything this season

Ah you- cut , decent player but could do a lot better

Robbins- cut he is just over that hill and aint coming back.

Bannon- keep but not as a starter.

Scott- cut , he is too soft he is like the DL version of smith but a little better.

Gibson-cut , has heart but no talent

LB- JL55-good season, keep

POP- cut he is past his prime.

Chamberlain- keep decent starter, good backup

Kehl- he is a never was. cut

CB- Bartell-keep



those 3 will be back and healthy hopefully they should be the top 3 guys next year but with better depth after.


Gordy-keep, had a really good season , has room to grow and will with better coaching and more exp.

Hood-cut, he did ok but he is old and we are rebuilding

S- Stewart- keep , breakout season. this kid can play

Mikkel- idk i think he is ok but not worth his paycheck but i guess we have too many other holes so keep.

Dahl-cut , he is slow and costs us a ton of tds every year.

Butler- cut, he is too old and slow

K/P- Jones-keep. i would like to replace Brown with a younger kicker.

I think we should fill the holes like this

first trade our num 2 pick for 2 firsts and 1 second round pick

QB2 - late round draft pick round 7

WR1- draft pick round 1

RT- draft pick round 1

DT1-draft pick round 2

OLB-draft pick round 2

OLB2 and 3 - FA

CB5-draft pick round 5

S-draft pick round 6


C-draft pick round 3

RB2- draft pick 4

WR3 and 4 - FA and donnie avery


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