Getting It Right

After realizing that our season was basically over after the horrendous 0-6 start, a lot of attention for Rams fans turned to the 2012 NFL Draft. The following weeks there were hundreds of mock drafts and more disastrous Rams football to try and watch. The consensus for the #2 pick seems to be between Blackmon & Kalil with the majority leaning towards Kalil. With the state of the Rams offense right now and the way the NFL game is played today, only one choice seems to stand out to me...

Justin Blackmon has to be the focus of the Rams draft. Regardless of what the six figured salary talkers say about him on ESPN, et al, to me his on field performance speaks for itself. Anyone that watched the Fiesta Bowl or any OK St. games knows that he just makes plays. period. Not saying he's a sure fire thing or future HOF, but the way he plays reminds me of jerry rice or TO. Strong hands, amazing RAC abilities, and good character.

Teams win with sub-par Offensive Lines.

I wouldn't be upset with a Kalil pick, he has the pedigree which I think means a lot. But I can't get over how almost everyone believes that by somehow having a steel wall for an OL will be the better fix that an offensive threat. Look at teams like the Steelers, Bears, Ravens, 49ers, & Packers; top 10-12 in sacks given up in recent years and they do very well. I'd even argue that Indy, New England, and the Saints don't face as much pressure because of their schemes and weapons. Continuity also has something to do with it; we shuffle our o-line every year, that's not how to breed success at that position. Having more weapons will spread out a defense; if Bradford had 20 seconds in the pocket I'm almost convinced he would still struggle finding an open receiver or one that would even catch a pass.

Points win games, scoring points and winning games fires up a team more than anything.

Point being Blackmon can score & Kalil cannot, as we've seen playing flat does no good in football, it's a game of emotion and passion. Our defense is in almost every game in the 2nd half but eventually they break. I can't help but thinking during every game, what if we had a threatening offense. The defense would have more sideline breathers and surely be more fired up late in games, knowing that their offense could score and carry some of the burden. Our team is trapped in a pathetic mindset that a 14 pt. deficit is too much to over come. Talk about winning in the trenches and how Jason Smith among others don't have the attitude; well my answer is move the ball and score and give these guys a strong reason and belief that we can win. Blackmon makes those game breaking plays that this team so desperately needs. Big plays fire up teams and fans, who cares about a sack when you know you can get up and score a TD the next play. Players will play through injury and want to fight more when they know that their teammates can compete. Skill players need the physical skills and linemen need the attitude, when you average 11 its a game it becomes harder and harder to find that attitude. There is too much weight on a strong OL, give them time and give the offense playmakers; ex. name an OL from Detroit or Cincy (tough isn't it?) but guess what they're in the postseason.

Blackmon can offer our team much more than just his physical talent.

Let's get a coach in here with some stones, get some playmakers, and make some statements.

Or we could just field a whole offense of 1st & 2nd round offensive linemen and let teams send the house at us every play like the last half decade. Something to think about.

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