My Perspective on the Future

After the Jump I will put some things into perspective of what I think should happen with the Rams on areas like the coaching staff, the Draft etc, more after the jump.

Coaching Staff

The hot name in everybody's mouth right now is Fisher and for the life of me I can't stand why. The man has only had 5 winning seasons out of 17 with the other 12 years mostly ending in mediocre finishes at 8-8 or losing season. If you're actually counting that's only .294 winning record percentage in his first 17 years. Now I know that most will say, well I don't see any HoF coaches wanting to coach us, and that's true but I hate how people are praising this guy like he's a sure fire way to get us to the playoffs. Plus he only has 5-6 playoff wins and most of those came on a SB run (in which he lost). I think a downfall of a playoff deprived football city is confusing winning with mediocrity. Some are so ready to say that they are ready to start "winning" but honestly what's the difference between a record of 2-14 and 8-8 (besides draft position) if you're: A. not making it to the Playoffs and beyond or B. Making the playoffs and nothing more. I want this team to fight for supremacy in the NFL, not just good enough to be called an "alright" team. Now could Fisher "potentially" take us to that position, yes but his track record doesn't show it.

I may be in the minority but I think McDaniels should stay. Earlier yesterday when we thought he was fired I kinda went off the handle, saying that the Rams should just cut ties with Sam and start all over (and for that I apologize). I myself have to realize that I am not just a Bradford fan but a Rams fan too. Back to McDaniels, I think firing him him would be a big mistake. Just on the QB side, having a QB go through 3 systems in 3 season isn't good for a QB at all (Alex Smith?). Not only that, how can you expect an offense to produce when they're trying to learn an offense every season? I know most of you are like, McDaniels was horrible and I agree but look at the facts. Although most will look at it as a cop out, the off-season really screwed us over. It took away the valuable time that McDaniels needed to teach this playbook to the offense. Also it's only been one season! I think as a fan-base hungry for wins we forget that you can't turn things around that quick in a season and if you want that you're looking for a quick fix. I myself want longevity in the coaching position and throwing a coach out after one season of bad play isn't the way to go. I don't think that people should bitch about the offense if your saying that we should fire McDaniels because then there's another season of the offense learning a new offense and there's no forward progress being made, just a vicious cycle.

Overall Coaching Staff:

HC: Jeff Fisher: Although I am down on him, he seems like the best coach for the job and I honestly hope I'm wrong about him.

DC: Raheem Morris: I like the guy and I'm sure he'll have a chip on his shoulder.

OC: Josh McDaniels: Give him a full off-season with this offense and Sam

QB coach: Josh Heupel: He helped Sam when he was at OU and if there's anyway to get him, do it!

The Draft:

1. Trade back with Cleveland, Justin Blackmon WR
1. Brandon Thompson DT

2. Dont'a Hightower OLB

2. Stephon Gilmore CB
3. Levy Adcock OT
4. LeMicheal James RB

6-7. BPA


I am officially sold on Blackmon, I think after seeing him play last night there's one word that describes him, playmaker. Brandon Thompson could be a nice run stuffer in the middle of our line and he has been great this season. Dont'a Hightower is athletic and he can seal off the outside, plus a nice blitzer. Gilmore covers a need at the CB position just encase the unthinkable happens and one of our CBs can't come back on time. Levy Adcock could develop into a good lineman and LaMicheal can be the scat back that we need for McHoddy's offense. He has the qickness to dodge tacklers when running and he can catch out of the backfield.

Some might cry out for help on the line with the first pick in the first but I think it's a far better chance we get line work in FA than it is we sign a big name Wr. Plus I think someone said on another post that we don't have that much to just splurge this offseason on the count we have our own players to lock up and money locked up in other places (Jason Smith, SOB).

I also don't believe that this line is as bad as it played this season. I think their failure had a large part to do with being fresh in the offense and not having that much practice in it before being thrown to the wolves. I also believe that they played pretty good for a certain extent of time before Saffold got hurt and players started once against dropping like flies. I think they started to pick up on their blocking assignments and they starting giving Feely/ Sam time to pass but the WR just couldn't get separation. Also SJax rushed for 100 yards 3 games in a row before Saffold got hurt which shows me they were starting to open up holes, yes this line needs work but they aren't a complete loss cause. They just need stability in an offense.

Free Agency:

As far as FA goes I expect the Rams to lock up their important players such as Lloyd, Amendola and JL. Plus sure up the line with some some help. Also I'd like to see the Rams cut the likes of DX, Gibson and Jason Smith (to name a few). I just don't think DX will ever be anything great because of his injuries and what's the use of keeping a guy that can't stay on the field? Gibson has completely disappeared after his preseason MVP performance and I think his time here is over. As far as Jason Smith goes, he has underperformed his whole time here and releasing him opens up some cap space room, funny that's the only thing he can open on this team.



Anyways that's my thoughts right now concerning the Rams. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and comments are always appreciated, peace..

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