My Turn To Weight In!

Hey everyone,

It was a hard year to be a Rams fan till now! The house cleaning has begun, praise to the powers that be! I have been holding all this in for months now with the exception of the trading of barbs from the 9er fans. We as Rams fans have to be humbled by the season the 9ers had. Looking into the glass house that all of us Ram's fans envisioned. A strong defense, enough offense to put points on the board and special teams that didn't allow a return all year. Good luck to them in the playoffs. But, New Orleans is my pick for winning the Superbowl.

Was there anyone here that would call Sunday's game a comeback, really, come on man!

As of this minute, McD is the only one to survive the purge. And yes, he did call some knuckle head plays this year. But I think it was the best thing for all concerned to keep him. Take the Norwood interception, if Sam was playing, that play would NOT of been called. It didn't fool the 9ers, though the idea of running that play did look good in concept vs. the defense they were in. If Norwood looks off the route or second read (Lloyd) it might of been successful. It was all Norwood! Mr. Bradford and the remaining offensive players will only benefit with 2nd year into his offense.

I have been reading post from time to time in my hiatus, and have noticed the critics ongoing bashing of McD. The only thing that kept the offense down was the dropped balls early on and the Injuries later on. While, even if these weren't an issue, 6 or 7 wins were possible if Spags had better game management skills. And McD didn't have to deal with the absolute lack of talent and health in his past coaching situations. The only thing that McD needs to do differently is be UPSTAIRS in pressbox.

Changes need to happen: If Fisher is Hired (my 1st choice), he should be given the final say-so on all personnel. He has enough experience and flexibility with the offense that there shouldn't be any issues. It also works out that he works with marginal talent better at line-backer (except Animal Jr. of course) and defensive back (I do rate Mikell in top ten dbs). The need to get younger in the middle of the d-line might be the #1 need with youth at outside linebacker would b 1a. Health would be next and the development of younger players ongoing.

Another thing he should consider is moving Quinn to SAM on passing downs next to C.Long, with You on the opposite side and Stewart as the nickle backer. Quinn having a full year behind him now can focus on improving against the run. Changes will happen with a new coach big-time across the board.

The list is longer for those to(would/should)leave as opposed to staying, so I'll go with who's staying.

Lloyd- a given if McD stays. And no trouble from him. Bless you Brandon.

SJax- Eric D has always been my #1 Ram back, but your a hero for being the guiding light for the Stl. Rams in these dark times. I hope you can go out like Walter Payton who was finally rewarded after a mirror career of yours. Give us one more year!

Chris Long- I think every-one can agree that he has proven his draft status not only to Rams fans but across the NFL. Your goals will be rewarded with wins!

The Animal Jr.- We won the lotto getting you in second round. Your going to be a Pro-bowler for years to come.

Sam Bradford- Just let the ping-pong Jedi guide you to complete health. Be ready to lead this team into the next step. You don't seem to want the Limelight, but the fans want the other teams to be ready for battle that you'll (hopefully now) bring.

Quintin Mikell- We know part of the reason you came here was for Spags. But, we also know your a pro who gives it all and will set the example for the young guys.

Danny Amendola- Boy, we could of used you this year in Mcds offense. Hope you get well and stick around.

Donnie Jones- It seems even you couldn't avoid the injury bug. Your a great weapon as long as your not asked to kick 80 yds every time.

Dominique Curry- Special team ace. Maybe convert to db?.

Mark Clayton- How much do you have left? Give us 2-3 receptions a game next year and I'll be happy.

Harvey Dahl- Thanks for giving us some entertainment this year. There hasn't been much to enjoy this year except watching you play. Whoever plays next to you in 2012 will be lucky.

Kellen Clemons- Your more apt to stay to me than Feely (maybe Cleveland). Sure proved to be more capable.

Darian Stewart- I'm hoping Jerry Gray (maybe Al Harris would be willing to coach here too)comes here with Fisher to tutor you along with the other young dbs.

Lance Kendricks- You were my ROY choice this year and might of been in the running if you didn't have the drops. Something needs to change if your going to be successful.

Salas, Pettis and N.Miller will be here too. Everyone else should be worried. Youth is needed in every position!

Rams biggest needs/improvements after the Jump--------

1. Tackling- Most of the big plays given up this year were due to piss poor tackling. A basic concept that the defensive staff failed at 10 fold.

2. Defensive Tackle/Nose-guard- A worry the draft should address this year.

3. O-line- What is here now shouldn't be more than back-ups. If Jason Smith can return to form, the task would be lessened. But major up-grades are needed. Draft Kali #1! Then, pick up a vet or two though F.A.

4. Receiver/Tight-end- Some of you want to Draft Blackmon, I'll agree if there is a trade of picks and we have two #1s. There are some other o-lineman with talent that could still be there mid to late round. A experienced tight-end that can catch is needed badly.

5. Young back-up for Sjax. Williams is capable as long as you don't pass to him. But, youth/speed is needed.

6. Place-kicker- J. Brown is the source of Ram mis-fortune. He's had more winning kicks against (well it seems that way)us than for us. There are a few good ones coming out this year.

7. Finally, some-one who can teach the players to be health/mind conscious and ensure every measure is addressed in injury prevention.

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