Mock Draft: Lets Switch It Up

Well in many mocks There are 4 possible decisions, 1. Draft Kalil, 2. Draft Blackmon, 3. Trade back to Cleveland and Draft Blackmon or 4 Trade back to Redskins and get OT. I this mock, I will do none of the above, even throwing in a team that may surprise a lot with their interest in the 2nd pick, Mocking this bitch up after the jump, enjoy.



1. TRADE!!! Dallas Cowboys: Why? It's easy, Tony Romo isn't the answer in Dallas and with another disappointing season (not getting to the playoffs) Jerry Jones has got to be think the same thing. Sure Romo still has some years in him but Jerry Jones isn't past pulling the big move to make sure his offense has the best chance of victory. We get their 1st 2nd and 3rd this year along with their 1st, 2nd, 4th for next year: Considering they have the 15th pick should there be more compensation for our pick or is this about right?

1. 15. Alshon Jeffery, SC, Wr: Sure there's major questions about his speed and production this season but we can lay the production at the feet of the two crap QBs they had this season. Jeffery was arguably the best Wr in the draft before this season and I think he's still the 2nd best only behind Blackmon. As for his speed, sure he's not the fastest but neither was Fitz nor Rice and they did/are doing just fine. I like his physical nature and he could give Sam what Stafford has in Calvin: A throw it up and go get it type player. Plus he can be an great Redzone threat..

2. 1.Mike Adams OT, OSU: From what I've heard he's doing fairly good at the senior bowl and him dropping to the 2nd might be a wishful thinking on my end. But if he does drop to the second he should be our pick.

2. 14. Ronnell Lewis OLB, OU: I've been pleasantly surprised in his production and where people think he will be picked. I was very close to picking him with the 1st 2nd round pick. But I've seen him drafted anywhere from upper to mid 2nd round and he could just drop to this spot, good pick if he does.

3. 2. Dontari Poe, DT, Memphis: Poe is a space eater who takes on multiple blocks. Even when his pad level is off, he is hard to move at the line of scrimmage. Poe should drop some weight to increase his agility so that he can make some plays that don't go directly at him.

3. 15. Brandon Washington, G, Miami: He was moved to LT this season and although having a decent season at the position should move back inside. He was the leader of OLine in 2010 that had more weekly awards than any other school in 2010. Second on the team with 56 pancake blocks, and 11 lumberjack blocks ... Graded out at 99 percent against Pittsburgh, the highest grade of any starter all season ... Graded out at 95 percent against Virginia Tech ... Earned ACC Offensive Lineman of the Week honors after Virginia Tech (loss) and Duke (win) games, and that was all while playing at guard..

4. 1. LaMicheal James, RB, Oregon: This is one of few players that I absolutely want to see in a Rams uni next season. From seeing him on the field his strength combined with speeds is fairly good. Sure he won't be a starter anytime soon but his speed could be just the change of pace that we need on this offense. If he's there in the 4th I think we should snatch him up, If he does good at the combine I'd take him with our second pick in the 3rd.

6. 1. Chris Rainey, RB/KR, Florida: Neither of our back up Rbs produced this season so I would like to see some competition for the positions. If nothing else Rainey could be a nice KR guys because everybody and their grandma knows we need one bad.

7. 2. Adrian Robinson- OLB Temple: Depth

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