A Ramsguy's Mock Draft

Hello Turf Show Times. There are only two ways I see us going about with our first round pick. and here are the 2 different draft scenarios depending on what we do with the first rounder.

Draft Scenario 1-

Round 1- LT Matt Kalil USC- Matt Kalil is a GREAT prospect that can protect our franchise quarterback for the rest of his career. Together they can make this offense great. Blackman fills a huge need but so does Kalil and I dont think that Blackman would be worth the number 2 overall pick.

Round 2- WR Mohamed Sanu RUTGERS- At 6'2 215 he has the body to be a great receiver in this league. If he had 2 more inches on him he would be a sure fire first rounder. He has great hands and can make plays after the catch as well. He can be our number 1 WR in the future and a great number 2 behind Lloyd for his rookie year if need be.

Round 3- OLB Travis Lewis OKLAHOMA- Lewis I believe could be the help we need at the weak side backer position. He works extremely hard and can play the run well. Although he is a little undersized he is a good run and hit linebacker that can start right away for us.

Round 4- DT Kendall Reyes UCONN- Reyes is a little raw talent but could be a very good DT in the NFL. He is a little undersized but is working hard to put on some extra weight. He is very athletic for his size and good against the run. He can learn from Robbins until he is ready to start in the very near future.

Round 6- HB/KR Chris Rainey FLORIDA- Rainey is a bit small right now so there is always a risk of him getting hurt even though he can put on weight pretty easily. He has a chance to be a good change of pace back and kick returner at the next level because he is extremely explosive. Something this team has lacked for a long time.

Round 7- OLB Tank Carder TCU- Tank is known as a guy that plays with a huge attitude and toughness. He could be the strong side line backer or a depth and special teams guy if need be. He is good against the run and pass but is an injury risk due to a grade school accident. However, in the seventh round, I think he would be to good to pass up.

Draft Scenario 2-

TRADE! I feel there is a good chance the Rams could trade with the browns for their two 1st's, 2nd, and maybe even a 2nd and 4th next year. It might be a little much but hey, I am a Rams fan.

Round 1a- WR Justin Blackman OKLAHOMA ST.- Although I do not think he is worth the 2nd overall pick, I do not think there is any way in hell we turn him down at 4. With Kalil off the bored he is arguably the best prospect left and the biggest position of need. We can't let that pass again if he is there. He can be Sam's main man for years to come.

Round 1b- OT Mike Adams OHIO STATE- THis man has the perfect build to be the starting LT for a team. He is huge at 6'6 320lbs and is very athletic for his size and very strong. He is above average in pass and run blocking and would be a big improvement for our line.

Round 2a- OLB Zach Brown NORTH CAROLINA- Brown would be a great weak side linebacker for the rams and would be a dream to fall to us in the second. He is quick and a very athletic OLB. I am sure that Robert Quinn would love to have his old team mate with him again. Would be a great pair with Laurinaitis any day of the week.

Round 2b- DT Brandon Thompson CLEMSON- The thing I love most about him is he is big at 6'2 315 and is known as being great at getting into the back field from the inside of the line. Something this team desperately needs on their team. He is a great pass rusher from the inside and good against the run. He can start from day 1 and help this team instantly.

Round 3- HB Chris Polk WASHINGTON- A HB has been a huge need for the rams the last few year to help take the load off of SJAX. Well with Fisher coming in to the team and stating they are going to use a two back system we need to get a second back to do that so here he is. at 5'11 222 he is a big back and runs hard in between the tackles. A hard runner who breaks a lot of tackles who can learn from SJAX until he is ready to take over.

Round 4- OG Lucas Nix PITTSBURGH- At 6'5 310 he is a good size to play guard in the NFL. He is a great pass blocker and good at opening lanes in the run game. With him on our team our new line would look something like this (LT Mike Adams, LG Lucas Nix, C Tonny Wragge, RG Harvey Dahl, and RT Roger Saffold) That leaves only center needing an upgrade but I would be very happy with this line next year.

Round 6- HB/KR Chris Rainey FLORIDA- Same as above!

Round 7- OLB Tank Carder TCU- Same as above!

And there you have it folks. My two draft scenarios that would make me happy either way. I think it covers most of our needs that would make our team drastically improve within the next year or two. Now its the critics turn to break it down. Lets here the feed back. Thanks for reading. GO RAMS!

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