It might be a little crazy...

I know we have seen mock drafts every hour of every day so far, since we started off the season looking like Betty White in that Snickers commercial...

But, I have one weird idea that might help change the Rams culture for years to come!!!!

And with the Rams 2nd Overall Pick...

The Rams... TRADE!!!!! (insert no shit, everyone has been saying that for months comments here)

The Rams trade the 2nd overall pick and their 3rd Round pick (66th) to the Cleveland Browns for their 4th and 22nd overall picks and Cleveland's 2nd Round Pick (37th) and Cleveland 3rd Round pick (68th).

So, we gain 2 picks in the first two rounds and only have to trade back a couple spots in the 1st and 3rd rounds. Cleveland selects their franchise QB, who not only provides a spark to the club but also makes up for the fact that Cleveland's line allowed Colt McCoy to hallucinate he was dead (after what James Harrison did to him) with his mobility.

With those picks...

1st Round- 4th Pick: Justin Blackmon - Oklahoma State UniversityJustin-blackmon_medium

Now pause for a second and enjoy that image of J. Blackmon causing some serious whiplash to some cornerbacks in a Rams uniform. Blackmon adds explosiveness the Rams have not seen since Torry Holt was showing the league what consistent dominance meant. Although I am a huge believer in the pure talent that is Matt Khalil, the Vikings are not going to let him fall one second beyond when the Rams make this pick. As a consolation prize the Rams are able to add a Desean Jackson type speed player, but one with the balls to run across the middle of the field.

And this is where this draft gets weird...

1st Round - 22 pick: Alshon Jeffery - University of South Carolina


With the Rams 2nd pick in the first round they select Megatron's Little Brother. Alshon Jeffery was thrown around as the best WR prior to the year, but dealt with INEPT play from the QB position throughout the year. For the concerns about Jeffery's "motivation" and drive, I think that is why you select him with Blackmon. Jeffery has been the best WR in the conference his entire career and always been the focus of the "offense." Put him on a team with the one person who has outshown his talent and it could drive him to be Megatron II.

That would be an offense that would make the Arena league look like good defense.

Now we are left with three huge needs for the Rams to fill and only a couple shots left: OL, OLB, DT.

2nd Round - 33rd Pick: Zach Brown - University of North Carolina


Take another moment and look at that domination. Not only did he knock the ball out, but he is laying on the head of the RB. "My bad, I just took your manhood with that hit." This is the type of player the Rams need lining up next to Animal Jr. If you take Brown's speed and take away half of field, it makes your pass rush much more effective. How many times did Long, Hall, and Quinn just miss getting a sack because they just dropped the ball into the flats and they abused our LBs. Not happening anymore. This pick would sure up the flats, make the pass rush stronger, and give the Animal someone to take away double teams on the second level.

2nd Round - 37th Pick: Dontari Poe - University of Memphis


"Despite being constantly double-teamed whether he played inside or out, Poe registered 33 tackles, including eight tackles for loss this season for the Tigers. He was voted the team's defensive MVP following the season and was known in scouting circles to be strongly considering taking advantage of the relative lack of top senior defensive tackles available this year. With his incredible size, Poe is an obvious candidate for 3-4 teams looking for nose guards, thus Dane and I's projection with the Houston Texans. Poe, however, is remarkably light on his feet for a man of his huge size and therefore will also be strongly scouted by teams using the more traditional four man front, as well."

would make the Arena league look like good defense. Poe is an enormous body who has the quickness and speed to catch RB's in the backfield. Although he could be a more standard fit in 3-4 schemes, his quickness opens him up to a team like the Rams. He would provide a huge upgrade at DT with his run stopping ability, while also maintaining/collapsing the pocket with Quinn and Long

3rd Round - 68th Pick: LaMichael James- University of Oregon


It is at this point that the Rams take what should be the final addition to the offense. James brings one more aspect of explosiveness to the team. He serves as the final piece to the Schotty two-back system, a change of pace back for Jackson that could score out of the backfield and and catch outlets in the flats.

So what do you think?

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