Senior Bowl 2012: Day 3 Update

Jumping off of Van's piece from this morning, I figured we should wrap up the news from today's action at the 2012 Senior Bowl.

Wide Receivers

It was a down day for Dwight Jones and Jeff Fuller, two heavily hyped wide receivers coming into the 2011 season. Both have the frames, but Fuller isn't exceptional in any area and Jones, for his size, isn't winning the physical battles he should.

DeVier Posey got some love today; more than any of the Ohio St. suspendees, Posey likely took the biggest draft stock hit. And especially in a year without obvious top WR talents, he'd be in a much stronger position had he played.

Arizona St.'s Gerrell Robinson didn't impress; he's just too sloppy past the first couple yards. You could attribute much of his statistical explosion this year to QB Brock Osweiler.

Arizona's Juron Criner continues to pick up fans as well. He runs pretty crisp routes, but without great speed he's going to be a limited guy at the next level.

And while he's not a pure WR, Chris Rainey got tons of love today. He's a Molotov cocktail of a player - he explodes all over the field. His hands are messy, but he's a decent enough route runner. Having gotten time both at wideout and as a running back, he's the kind of athlete that could make a difference for plenty of NFL teams in the right system.

Summing up some of the rest of today's action after the jump.


Cordy Glenn and Jeff Allen are still ballin.

For new buzz, Utah's Tony Bergstrom picked up some positive mentions today. He's a big lineman and could well kick inside at the NFL level.

Just a personal note - arm measurements matter for O-linemen. I finally found some time to grind through them, and I have to say I was worried by the results from Tim Brewster & William Vlachos. Those numbers aren't going to help.

Defensive Tackles

Mike Martin may have had the best three-day run of anyone at the game. Power, hands, effort - it's a good mix.

And Vinny Curry continues to pick up supporters.


How high can Janoris Jenkins go? I'll say this - he was perhaps the most sought after prospect before this week. I doubt that changes come Monday morning. That says volumes.

Brandon Boykin had another good day and is creeping up a lot of day 2 boards.

And 3k's old little engine that could, Alfonzo Dennard, showed the skill set that people are looking for from a Cover 2 corner. He's not blazingly fast, but he's strong enough and his feet and hips are soft enough to work well in the short and intermediate games.

Running Backs

Just one name to throw out - a saw a couple different people tout La. Tech's Lennon Creer, especially in the passing game. With so many teams looking to beef up passing attacks, I could see him come into the league as a 3rd down back.

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