Doesn’t this whole thing sound like something right out of a Fishing trip conversation?



Ok, so you pack up your gear at about 3:00am, catch up with your boys at about 3:30am at the QT about 10 miles from your normal fishing hole…and it begins.

I can just see it, you’re getting the chance to hang with guys that you don’t normally see that often nowadays compared to when you all worked for the same team. Those days are far away now and all you have is this trip. The guys are still in the game, but you…you’re watching the game. Scheming, devising, seeing what’s new and seeing what’s not; still breathing football in a quiet corner of the house when the time is right. Yet, right now, the Bass are a callin’ and all of you plan on answerin’.

You all make it to the spot and start unloading. One of your closest friends says, "Man wouldn’t that be somethin’?"

"What are you talkin' about now?"

He says with a big grin, "All of us together again, with the chance to do it our way? The way it should be done. I mean, hell, all of us obviously know how by now!"

Every one of you gives a loud chuckle in the exact same way about that line, you know, that "been around the block a few times" way?

"Yeah that would be something, but how in the world would that happen? You just won a ring, your squad is at the top of their game?! ", and right then at that moment, it all started the wheels turning. Just about as slow and steady as the reel in your hands. After each cast…the plot thickens.

"If I could just get a stump in the middle, right there in the second level, I can get some goons for the outside! Right now, I’ve got some beasts, but that would be the formula right there! Linebackers are key !"

You take note of that..the wishlist has started. Tough hard-nosed "smack ya in da mouth" linebacker.

"You need dem boys up front now! You need someone to give dat QB concern! Make em sweat every time! When I’ve got dat fiery pass rush outta dem boys, nothing can stop em! Nothin."

Pass Rush, right, got it down in the mind’s hard drive.

"Hey man, I got one! Yeeeee!"

You say with a blatant tone of pessimism, "It would have to be a better situation than whatever we’ve had before."

Suddenly in a loud boisterous voice, "Man, for us all to have the chance to come together again would make it better right off the bat!"

You then start the cross examination of yourself, "What if we COULD all be together again? What if we COULD mold something even greater than before? What if …..

While you were watching the combine, the lockout, and the regular season games, you were able to see teams that did not have a clear starter at QB flounder due to no off-season. You saw QB controversies, locker room implosions and all of that looked a little too much like the last days in Tennessee. So whatever opportunity you decided to take, the QB was a deal-breaker. No newbies. Good pass rush is a necessity and we’ll make sure we get some of those "thick-necked" boys to handle the run and pressure.

Now in the present, Jeff Fisher is now the coach of the St. Louis Rams. I am still is somewhat disbelief that he came here. He decided to come here instead of going to where there is Miami sunshine, glamour, and a tough job outlined for the Dolphins.

Instead he came here to St. Louis for his return to the NFL. He has the chance to work with an owner that is not new to the league by any means, but one who has clout too. The way it’s all coming together, the staff, the longtime friends and colleagues getting together for a common goal under different circumstances than ever before seems like something right out of fishing trip banter among coaches who are true lover’s of the game.

Who would have thought the stars could align to bring Dave McGinnis, Gregg Williams and Jeff Fisher back together again? The chance to really grow a squad with a decent foundation is a great opportunity for a coach with nothing to prove except that he can devise a season that is competitive enough to give his team a chance to win the "big dance".

Yet, when thinking about how Fisher is moving about forming his staff, he is looking for people who know how he works; people who know how to work together. He is building something that at times seemed absent from our former regime’s staff...That something is called "chemistry".

He saw something here that he questioned in Miami. It needed to be the right situation, at the right time in order for everything from that "fishing trip conversation" to come true.

Let’s see, Chris Long, Robert Quinn, James Laurenits is not a bad core to start with. Given an off-season to learn the new defense, many others on the defensive side of the ball will possibly force their way onto the field.

Sam Bradford, Steven Jackson and Brandon Lloyd are not too shabby on the other side. All of them fit the bill for what was discussed on the "fishing trip!"

It may have never happened. There may have never been a conversation or fishing trip like this last year with all of them together. But it’s funny to think about - Beer, friends and dream job discussions on the lake. A man’s paradise.

Oops, I almost forgot, that secondary is foul and we’ve only got one WR that can get open. Forget the dream job line and hand the man another beer!

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