2012 Mock Draft (Trade with Redskins)

Cheering for a team that goes 2-14 you come to the realization that there are many holes that this team needs to fill. I have ran out of reason why the rams sucked this year and want some damn results. There is good news on the horizon. The Rams took a major step forward by signing Jeff Fisher. We now have a coach with actual experience who is a proven winner. Thank you Stan Kroenke.

Now the draft is about 3 months away so it seems right that all the mocks are coming out. I will be mocking this draft with the Rams trading its #2 overall pick to the Washington Redskins. Redskins are in dire need of a QB and will end up giving us the most in return. So I look at the players that are projected in the top ten and to be honest I don’t feel too excited about any of them. Blackmon is the only guy i really like and he will be gone by the time the Rams pick. I think they will trade out of that spot and move down and collect more picks. Trent Richardson is a hell of a running back and a lock to go in the top ten. Bengals want him and will make the move to #6.

Rams trade the #2 pick to the Redskins for the 6th pick, the 39th pick (2nd rd.), 102th pick (4th rd.) and a 1st round the following year.

Rams trade the number 6 pick to the Bengals for the 17th, 53rd (2nd rd.) , and a 1st rounder next year.

We now have the 17th, 33rd, 39th, 53rd, 66th, 96th and 102th pick in the draft. We also picked up 2 additional 1st round picks next year.

Rounds 6 and 7 are pointless to do. So I did a 4 round Mock.

With the seventh pick in the draft the St. Louis Rams choose.............................

17th pick – Alshon Jeffery - 6’4’’ 229 - WR

33rd pick – Zach Brown, - 6’2’’ 230 - OLB

39th pick – Janoris Jenkins – 5’10’’ 185 - CB

53rd pick – Stephon Gilmore – 6’1’’ 195 - CB

66th pick – Zebrie Sanders – 6’6’’ 310 - OL

96th pick – Ben Jones – 6’3’’ 316 - C

102nd pick – Sean Spence – 6’ 224 - OLB

I think that with the hiring of Fisher, Brandon Lloyd stays with the Rams. He is a legit play maker who stretches the field. Adding Jeffery will upgrade this unit when he steps on the field.

Zach Brown is a top talent that drops to the second round because of teams needing other spots filled. We collect the benefits and land the best OLB in this year’s draft.

If you are a rams fan you will know why I double dipped at CB. Jenkins is another great talent and due to some off the field issues we are going to take the risk with the once potential first rounder.

Gilmore is a junior CB with tons of potential. He has the size/speed combo you look for in a CB.

Sanders can play both LT and RT. With all the injuries we have had we need our OL to play multiple positions. Sanders is experienced player, was a four year starter at Florida State.

Ben Jones has great size for the position. Enough speed to get to the next level. Brown is done in STL and needs to be dropped. Jones could start day one.

Sean Spence is a guy I just love. He is all over the field. A bit undersize but this guy just makes plays. You will hear of him when the combine comes around. Will run under 4.5

The Rams have a lot of holes and they can’t be filled in one year. I also think we can be a .500 team in 2012.

Thanks for your time.

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