You've never seen anything like this...



So today I am watching all of the interviews on the Rams official site and I suddenly catch myself with this Cheshire cat grin on my face and a single thought in my mind, "St. Louis has never seen what is about to come".

Hah, I hear you, that cynical, broken-hearted fan. You're saying, "No, you're not gonna get me with flashy hirings and potential free agent stories and crafty draft scenarios. I want wins and I want them yesterday." Weeelll maybe you'll get them. Hear me out.

We are reading alot about what has been with Jeff Fisher, his past accomplishments and "so-called" failures. We're seeing alot of what Gregg Williams has done, where he has been and how many players he has impacted. There comes much fanfare concerning what the those two great minds have done together and apart in the past. Yet, think about what that means for the future?

I mean, Gregg "Deth" Williams has won a Super Bowl and been a head coach since him and Jeff last worked together. Jeff has had the chance to recharge over the year and watch this past season from a different angle than he's had over the years. These leaders of men are bringing a culmination of all they are as coaches to St. Louis. (I came up with that nickname for Mr. Williams because of what his blitzes remind QB's of...death...mmmwaaaahahahaha)

At the time that Jeff Fisher worked with everyone in Tennessee and before, he was where he was at that time in his life. Yet look at what he has gained, look at where he is seated now. I think I am RAMbling (don't boo me).

Seriously, all of this is to say, that we are now about to see Jeff Fisher 2.0. This is a Jeff Fisher that does not have to "go chintzy" on players and personnel. He does not have to put patchwork squads together. He will have more resources than he has ever had before in order to create a lasting culture here. He has obviously sold Stan tha Man on his vision, which goes hand in hand with ownership's vision. He will have an opportunity like he has never had before.

We, the fans, will benefit from the true cumlination of all that has been jointly learned from all of the men and women that will join his staff. So folks, the Rams not only have pedigree, we not only have experience, we not only have "free-agent" draw, but we also have the chance to see the best Jeff Fisher that there has ever been. So if he can turn out what he did under harsh circumstances (ie not playing in your own stadium for home games) and severely less resources, what will he be able to do with so much more? I say to all the media pundits, all of the doubting fans and any Rams player that has any doubts, you've never seen anything like this!

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