Oh no, you didn't go there?....Oh yes I did!

Happy days are here again! We not only have a new head-coach, we have the most experienced one available. The football gods seem to have smiled again on us again. Dick Vermil 2.0, huh? And yes, it's too early for any predictions for the 2012 season. There is much to do to right this ship.

I do want to give my review of the 2011 season in an unique format:

The top ten reasons for the 2-14 season.

1. Injuries

2. Game management.

3. Lack of play-makers on offense.

4. Unwillingness to develop and keep young players.

5. Waiting too long to make player of need trade.

6. Allowing McD to be on side-lines during games.

7. Expecting the defense to win games.

8. Rookie owner.

9. Lack of spitting, foul-mouth, in your face, demanding and confident head-coach.

10. Four Pillars - No fire/desire....Not a risk taker....Blind to the whole picture....Cheer-leader.


Offense- D+

QB- Overall C-

Bradford C-, Brandstater N/G, Clemens B, Feeley B-, Coaching F

RB- Overall B-

Jackson A-, Miller C, Norwood C-, Porter N/G, Williams C, Coaching B

WR- Overall C-

Alexander C-, Amendola N/G, Clayton N/G,Curry N/G, Gibson C-, Lloyd B+, Miller N/G, Pettis C, Salas C-, Coaching F

TE- Overall D

Bajema C-, Guidugli N/G, Hoomananawanui N/G, Kendricks D, McNeill N/G, Spach D-, Coaching F

O-line- Overall D

Brown D, Bell C-, Dahl B-, Wragge B, Goldberg C+, Hughes N/G, LeVoir C, Mattison C-, Saffold C, Smith D-, Welch N/G, Coaching F

Defense C-

DE- Overall B-

C.J. Ah You C+, Hall C+, Long A-, Quinn B, Sims D, Coaching B

DT Overall C-

Bannan C, Cudjo C, Gibson D-, Robbins C+, Scott D- Coaching D

LB Overall C-

Chamberlain C+, Cole D/G, Hull C, Kehl C, Laurinitis A-, Nixon C-, Poppinga C, Coaching D

CB- Overall D

Bartell N/G, Flecther N/G, Harris C+, Hood C-, Jackson N/G, Johnson N/G, King D-, Murphy C-, Ness N/G, Smith N/G, Gordy B- Coaching B

S- Overall C+

Butler C-, Dahl C-, Mikell B, Stewart B+, Coaching B-

Special Teams- Overall C+

Brown C-, Curry B-, Jones B, McQuaide A-, Miller B-, Porter D, Coaching C

N/G- No grade-didn't play enough to warrant grade.

Musts for 2012 Season-

Coaching- In progress

Draft/ Sign Free agents-

Resign B. Lloyd- Offer 2yrs 1st yr. 3.5mil plus incentives, 2nd 5mil plus incentives

Get an established TE to mentor Kendricks

Replace/Re-structure/Trade J. Smith- at best 4th rd choice in trade or journeyman receiver (Jones Texans/ Henderson NO), 2mil 1yr redo of contract

!st Rd draft choice- Kali if not moving down, then Floyd Norte Dame if there in Rd2

Or Blackmon if moving down to 4th-8th- then Reiff Iowa or Adams Ohio St if still available at Tackle (around 18-21)

The rest of Draft should focus at DT, OLB (1in draft maybe sign Spencer from Dallas), DB then specialist RB/KR/PR

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